17 Nov 2022

AmpliTube TONEX App Released

Advanced AI Machine Modeling for iPhone and iPad now with iRig

IK Multimedia releases AmpliTube TONEX® for iPhone and iPad, inviting users to experience the power of AI Machine Modeling Tone Models on their mobile device. The TONEX app works both as a standalone app or as an AU plug-in for all the major mobile DAWs and includes the exact same Player section as TONEX Mac/PC software to play, practice and record.

Fully integrated into the TONEX ecosystem, the TONEX app seamlessly stays in sync with TONEX Mac/PC so that users always have their collection of Premium Tone Models ready to play at any moment. A purchase of an expansion pack or upgraded version of TONEX on one platform is automatically reflected and available for use on the other.

Ideal for iRig

Select iRig models (see list below) now include TONEX SE for Mac/PC and for iPhone and iPad, offering the most hyper-realistic guitar and bass tones ever thanks to IK's AI Machine Modeling. Users will experience the warmth and dynamic response of real amps and pedals right on their device. Connected with one of IK's mobile interfaces, guitar and bass players can practice and jam along with favorite songs or record studio-quality tracks with ease whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.

Standalone Tone Shaping

TONEX works as a standalone iPhone and iPad app with all of the same controls as the Mac/PC version for fine-tuning Tone Models. Users can tweak tones using a built-in compressor, pre- and post-amp EQ, noise gate and 5 beautiful stereo reverbs drawn from IK's latest, award-winning algorithms.

Built-in VIR™ cabinet technology also lets users place and adjust microphones with stunning accuracy. All edits made with the TONEX app can be saved as presets.

A Plug-in for DAWs and More

The TONEX app also supports AUv3 to work as a plug-in inside top AU host apps such as GarageBand, Cubasis 3, Auria Pro and many more, allowing users to perform, record and stream with the best guitar and bass tones in the world.

Connected to ToneNET

From an iPhone or iPad, users can explore the expanding universe of Tone Models in the new TONEX section of ToneNET, IK's online tone-sharing platform. Users without a ToneNET account can quickly create one within the app to instantly search, filter, demo and download a massive range of user-generated Tone Models. Any user-created Tone Model that's shared on ToneNET via TONEX Mac/PC can be downloaded and played with the TONEX app.

Signature Sound on the Road

Users can easily use TONEX Mac/PC to model their own gear, post Tone Models on ToneNET and then download them to their mobile device. Tweak settings on a plane, jam in a hotel room, record at a remote studio, the TONEX app brings a user's signature sound along for the experience with the same ultra-accurate Tone Models as the desktop version.

Pricing and Availability

TONEX is available free from the Apple App Store with a variety of expansion packs and versions available for in-app purchase at special introductory pricing. Customers can also shop the IK Multimedia online store and IK authorized dealers worldwide and purchase any version of TONEX Mac/PC, which automatically unlocks the equivalent version for iPhone and iPad when registered. Upgrade paths available through the IK online store.

AmpliTube TONEX for iPhone / iPad – Free – 20 Tone Models, 20 user-created Tone Model downloads

  • TONEX Clean - $19.99  (reg. $29.99) – 35 Clean Tone Models, 35 user-created Tone Model downloads
  • TONEX Drive - $19.99  (reg. $29.99) – 35 Drive Tone Models, 35 user-created Tone Model downloads
  • TONEX Lead - $19.99  (reg. $29.99) – 35 Lead Tone Models, 35 user-created Tone Model downloads
  • TONEX Metal - $19.99  (reg. $29.99) – 35 Metal Tone Models, 35 user-created Tone Model downloads
  • TONEX SE - $149.99 - 200 Tone Models, unlimited user-created Tone Model downloads
  • TONEX - $149.99 (reg. $249.99) - 400 Tone Models, unlimited user-created Tone Model downloads
  • TONEX MAX - $249.99 (reg. 399.99) - 1000 Tone Models, unlimited user-created Tone Model downloads

All TONEX app users with receive 10 Free Premium Tone Models when they register.

TONEX SE now ships with all new purchases of the following IK audio interfaces:

Current owners of the above iRig interfaces and new purchasers of iRig 2 will receive 20 additional Tone Models upon registration for use with TONEX CS.

For more information about AmpliTube TONEX or to see it in action, please visit:



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