31 Oct 2023

iLoud Micro Takes Top Spot

With 5 stars on MusicRadar’s List of 2023's Best Studio Monitors

MusicRadar recently posted a round-up of the best budget studio monitors in 2023 featuring affordable home studio options from IK Multimedia, M-Audio, JBL, PreSonus and more. IK's Bluetooth-ready iLoud Micro monitors are their top pick getting the MAXIMUM SCORE of 5 STARS. 

Budget studio monitors don't have to be large to produce a great sound. The IK Multimedia iLoud Micro monitors prove that, producing a clear, accurate sound from a small 3" driver.


"While there are cheap studio monitors on this list that will double up for gaming, multimedia and streaming audio, if you're after purely studio reference monitors we'd comfortably point you towards the IK Multimedia iLoud Micro.

The choice of a 1/8" jack for input makes them ideal for iPad or laptop producers, while the RCA inputs mean they can easily cope with record players, DJ mixers or audio interfaces too.


"We particularly liked the room-correcting EQ features at the back of the speakers too, which help if the location you have them situated is hindering the sound in any way.

Don't be put off by the size; these things are capable of some serious volume!


"Bluetooth inclusion is nice, and makes them versatile, but judged solely on their monitoring performance the iLoud Micro set is well worth your consideration."

Read the full MusicRadar review HERE

Learn more about iLoud Micro Monitors HERE


product image

iLoud Micro Monitors

Available in black or white




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