9 Dec 2022

TONEX: Metal’s Heaviest Riffs

New video demo of TONEX Capture used to model a REVV 100P

In this new video, Andrew Baena uses AmpliTube TONEX software and TONEX Capture hardware to Tone Model his REVV 100P. Then he plays the metal riffs listed below using the Tone Model he creates as a plug-in.

Hear for yourself how well TONEX works and learn some cool riffs at the same time!

Using TONEX Capture hardware you can actually capture a real amp rig and make a plug-in. For this video, I'm using my REVV 100P over here on the purple channel and that's what you're hearing.

Andrew Baena

Riffs played

  • TRIVIUM - Like Light To The Flies (Drop D)
  • KillSWITCH ENGAGED - My Curse (Drop C)
  • AS I LAY DYING - Nothing Left (Drop C)
  • BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE - Tears Don't Fall (Drop C)
  • AUGUST BURNS RED - White Washed (Drop C)
  • ARCHITECTS - Follow The Water (C# Standard)
  • THE GHOST INSIDE - Engine 45 (Drop A#)
  • BRING ME THE HORIZON - Chelsea Smile (Drop A#)
  • THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA - Out Numbered (Drop B)
  • PARKWAY DRIVE - Boneyards (Drop B)

Download the REVV 100P Tone Model for FREE on ToneNET HERE.

If you use my capture, you do need some kind of impulse response, but there are tons of those included in this plug-in as well. So no worries. And best of all you can get this plug-in completely for free.

The free one is called TONEX CS and with this version, you get 20 free downloads for user tones so you can download my tone.

Andrew Baena

Visit Andrew Baena's YouTube channel HERE.


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