21 Dec 2022

The Accuracy of TONEX

New video demonstrates how TONEX and other modelers compare to the real gear

How does AmpliTube TONEX compare to other amp profilers? In this new video, Mendel bij de Leij models his own rig using TONEX and then plays back the results for us to hear. He uses a cool technique for testing each profile's accuracy by changing the polarity with the audio recording of the original gear. Watch how it works.

TONEX is the clear winner. And the ease of use... to have your own amp or a buddy's amp and capture it and have it in plug-in format. I mean, how cool is that!

Mendel bij de Leij

I'm just so impressed and it feels like the real thing. That's definitely a big, big plus. Basically, you could grab your MacBook or a laptop, hook up an interface and you're good to go.

It's awesome. I can just re-amp my favorite amps with my favorite settings and I'm not even sure if I could hear the difference!

Mendel bij de Leij

To learn more about making music and guitar gear, visit Mendal's YouTube channel HERE.


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