27 Dec 2022

The Studio Rats Using TONEX

Watch this video demo on how to make a great Tone Model

In this video, The Studio Rats goes through the process of capturing his favorite amp, The Independence 35 by Matchless, using AmpliTube TONEX.

He covers the signal chain, the different possible TONEX settings, and then gives us a listen to the new Tone Model compared to the actual gear. If you like his TONEX Tone Model of the Matchless amp head, you can download it for free on ToneNET HERE.

So that sounds exactly like my Matchless sounds, absolutely fantastic!

The Studio Rats

"It takes a snapshot of how your amplifier sounds at any given time and then you can store that with TONEX inside your computer and playback that sound whenever you want.

Not only is it a great way of playing through tons and tons of Boutique amplifiers, it's also great to have in your studio.

The Studio Rats

"Say that I'm putting down a guitar part on a track and I've got this particular setting on my amp. I can capture that setting and then overdub using that setting at a future date. It's a really useful thing to have, especially in the studio.

Let's have a look to see how the EQ works on the actual plug-in. It feels natural. That is extremely impressive!

The Studio Rats

For more reviews like this, visit The Studio Rats YouTube channel HERE.


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