29 Dec 2022

The Future of Amp Capturing

Watch Kyle Bull use TONEX to Tone Model a Peavey Triple XXX

TONEX is a standalone application and plug-in to create, play and share Tone Models. But how well does it work? Find out in this new video from Kyle Bull. Watch as he Tone Models a Peavey Triple XXX amp head using TONEX software and TONEX Capture hardware.

He goes through the entire process and then compares the Tone Model with the actual Peavey head. If you like what you hear, you can download Kyle's Tone Model from ToneNET HERE.

This is crazy. I mean there are differences, but in a mix I highly doubt that you would be able to tell. And keep in mind guys, this is the default training.

Kyle Bull

"If we were to do the Advanced Training and really let the processor or the software do its thing, it's probably going to be even closer than we have it now and it's already crazy close.

It's awesome because now my XXX is in my computer forever and I can dial in the controls the way I want. It's not just a static shot.

Kyle Bull

"Being able to put my entire amp collection in my PC and take it with me wherever I go to use on whatever mix, that really is cool!"

For more reviews, visit Kyle Bull's YouTube channel HERE.


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