5 Jan 2023

Jamie Slays Tests TONEX

“Guitar amps are pointless?! This plug-in changes everything.”

AmpliTube TONEX lets you model your rig's tone in just minutes using real guitar signals, not just test tones, for a whole new level of authenticity as a plug-in inside your favorite DAW or AmpliTube 5.

In this new video, Jamie Slays puts TONEX to the test, using it to create a Tone Model of his EVH 5150 Iconic. Can you hear the difference between the TONEX capture and the actual rig?

Check out Jamie's 5150 Iconic Tone Model on ToneNET HERE.

Today I'm bringing a quick video on how to do the TONEX capture.

Jamie Slays

"Another cool feature: use the amp out of the AXE I/O to go into the 5150 Iconic and then record with a mic the clean DI that's coming out. It's essentially re-amping.

Sounds pretty good! You can also add things like reverb or turn the gain down.

Jamie Slays

"I just wanted to Showcase how it looks and how the 5150 Iconic actually sounds as a captured version. To me, it sounds very similar."

To learn about gear and playing heavy metal, visit Jamie Slays YouTube channel HERE.


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