5 Jan 2023

Bobby Mota Chooses iLoud MTM

“These speakers will be pushing sound for me for years to come!”

Whether it's for surround or stereo sound, more mix engineers are turning to IK's iLoud MTM as the ideal audio reference system to take their mixes to the next level.

Particularly when space constraints make larger systems impractical, iLoud MTM's compact size and advanced features make it a top choice for all mixing needs.

We caught up with Rick Rubin's Shangri-La Engineer Bobby Mota who has found in iLoud MTM the perfect in-studio and mobile solution for mixing music. Here's what he has to say:

The iLoud MTMs from IK Multimedia are arguably the best all-around pair of speakers on the market. With so many things to love about them like the excellent low end response, room calibration, and the ability to take them anywhere!

Bobby Mota

These compact speakers sure do pack a punch with the dual 3.5" woofers. It feels like I'm getting just as much low end from a 6- or even 8-inch speaker. Calibrating the speakers is a breeze thanks to IK's ARC 3 software, incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

Bobby Mota

But by far my favorite thing about the MTMs is the flexibility and mobility. When it comes to traveling for work I usually only have the ability to pack headphones, but that doesn't have to be the case anymore, these speakers easily fit in my gig bag ready to go wherever I go.

Bobby Mota

About the artist

Born and raised in the metro Phoenix area, Bobby Mota is a GRAMMY-nominated engineer. He started his path by enrolling in a trade school (The Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences) for audio engineering and just a year later moving out to Los Angeles to begin his career.

Starting as a studio intern he eventually became a house engineer at Rick Rubin's Shangri-La Studios in Malibu, California. Along that journey he has worked with artists such as Lana Del Rey Jon Batiste, UMI, and Tyler, The Creator.

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iLoud MTM Immersive Bundle 11

$/€4399.99 $/€3999.99



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