23 Jan 2023

TONEX Captures a Peavey 6505

Listen to this impressive Tone Model comparison by Sonic Drive Studio

Sonic Drive Studio continues to test AmpliTube TONEX in this new video review. Jon Symons is back with a third test of TONEX. This time he models his Peavey 6505. He describes briefly the procedure for capturing rigs with TONEX but mostly lets us hear his new Tone Model versus the real gear in a blind test.

How does TONEX do? Find out.

I captured the lead channel of my 6505 with the High Gain input for a chunky, high gain rock or metal, rhythm or lead tone. And let me tell you, it sounds glorious and it sounds very accurate indeed.

Sonic Drive Studio

Wow! Amazingly close, right? Can you guess which one was the capture and which one was the real amplifier?

Sonic Drive Studio

"That's one thing that I really like about the TONEX app. You can tweak the capture after the fact with various controls. It makes it that much more powerful. And of course, you can also change the cab sound, add pedals in front or after the amp and all that stuff.

Impressive, right? Again, the TONEX capture sounded extremely close to the real thing. It's pretty awesome!

Sonic Drive Studio

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Find the Peavey 6505 Tone Model on ToneNET HERE

TONEX Capture is available now and includes TONEX SE with 200 Premium Tone Models and unlimited Tone Model creation and downloads from ToneNET. Or purchase TONEX software by choosing between 3 affordable versions HERE.

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TONEX Capture




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