30 Jan 2023

TONEX Captures 4 Weird Amps

Living Room GD Tone Models his collection and rates the results

In this video, Living Room GD experiments with AmpliTube TONEX to capture four amps from his collection. Going from small to large, he Tone Models each of the following: Wish amp, Peavey Decade, Tubeworks RT2100 and Ampeg VT-40.

The results are surprising as he compares each Tone Model against the actual gear, letting us listen and judge for ourselves.

I'm going to use TONEX, a new AI Machine Modeling tone creator to capture a bunch of amps that are on the complete opposite end of the scale of a Dumble.

Living Room GD

This is exactly how my Peavey Decade sounds in the room. I'm rating this a 9 out of 10. Yeah, I'm really happy with the job that I did.

Living Room GD

"This is a sponsored video but honestly, I've been very impressed with TONEX, even before I started to capture these amps.

For the last one, the Ampeg, we have a new 10 out of 10. It had more gain on the Ampeg than the model, but again really, really close. I'm blown away at how close it really is. That one is freaking amazing.

Living Room GD

"The first time that I tried it out and used the amps that you can get on ToneNET they sounded amazing. So I recommend that you at least try the software.

I will upload these so you can get them on your computer. I definitely recommend that you check out TONEX.

Living Room GD

Visit Living Room GD's YouTube channel HERE and check out his 4 TONEX Tone Models on ToneNET.

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