9 Feb 2023

TONEX Capture Put to the Test

"We'll go through how to connect everything and then how to capture the amp."

In this video, TheSuperFunAwesomeHappyTimePedalShow tests IK's TONEX Capture on a '90s DOD Juice IT transistor combo. You'll learn exactly how well TONEX Capture works and how to create your own Tone Models. You'll also learn if TONEX Capture is the right device for you.

Check out the video and links to the Tone Models he creates below:

This is TONEX Capture by IK Multimedia, which is the all-in-one tone modeling system re-amplification and amp recording box.

This is basically a junction box that helps you plug in all the cables that go in between the microphone that captures your guitar amp, your guitar and the interface.

I did three of these: a clean, medium gain and a dirty. That's my three DOD Juice IT amps. They're all going to be available on ToneNET.


Visit TSFAHTPS YouTube channel HERE.

Check out the 3 DOD Juice IT Tone Models on ToneNET.

TONEX Capture is available now and includes TONEX SE with 200 Premium Tone Models and unlimited Tone Model creation and downloads from ToneNET. Or purchase TONEX software by choosing between 3 affordable versions HERE.

product image

TONEX Capture



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