14 Mar 2023

Building an iLoud Atmos Room

Watch as Capital University upgrades its studio with an MTM Immersive Bundle

More and more professional studios and training facilities are choosing IK's iLoud MTM for mixing in Atmos and immersive audio. The 11-speaker iLoud MTM Immersive Bundle is a smart choice with its affordable price, impressive mix translation, onboard ARC 3 room correction, and compact size with threaded bottom for standard mic stands.

In this video, Chad Loughrige of Capital University invites us to join him as he transforms a student mixing room into an Atmos mixing room using MTMs.

We chose the iLouds because of their small form factor. They fit perfectly in our space. They're stand mountable. And they're really economical.

It was a perfect way for us to dive into an Atmos system for our students.

Chad Loughrige

Finally got out some of the IK Multimedia speakers and hooked them up to the main stereo outputs to make sure I was getting signal and have a listen to them.

I'm already kind of Blown Away. These little things pack a punch. The low end in them is just absolutely incredible and I've not even tuned them at all.

Chad Loughrige

The IK Multimedia MTM Immersive Bundle has been perfect for us. Our students love to come in and listen to mixes on Atmos and do some mixing themselves. It's just been awesome!

Chad Loughrige

About Chad Loughrige and Capital University

Chad Loughrige is Assistant Professor of Music Technology at Capital University and has lead the program through many advances in technology throughout his 17 years at the University. Immersive Audio is his most recent endeavor, working closely with IK Multimedia to install a 7.1.4 speaker system with the iLoud Immersive Bundle.

Chad brings an eclectic set of personal experiences to the classroom. He has performed as a professional drummer for over 25 years and works as a freelance audio engineer and audio consultant for regional and national artists.

Capital University's Music Technology Program in Columbus, Ohio is all about preparing its students for an awesome career in audio production. From the first semester to the last, students get hands-on opportunities to create, investigate, collaborate, and experience Music Technology in Capital's incredible facilities.

Students work in four recording studios, eleven production suites, and an 18-station computer lab producing, recording, mixing, building and learning essential skills for this exciting industry.

Learn more at: capital.edu/music-technology

SAVE NOW and build the most affordable Atmos 11-speaker bundle with iLoud MTMs. Just add a sub of your choice and you'll be mixing 7.1.4 in no time! Learn more about iLoud MTM.

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iLoud MTM Immersive Bundle 11

$/€4399.99 $/€3999.99



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