1 Jun 2023

iRig Stream Mic Pro Awarded

MusicRadar’s best do-it-all USB mic and audio interface for podcasting

MusicRadar just published their list of Best Podcasting Microphones for 2023 and iRig Stream Mic Pro gets 4 stars as the best do-it-all USB mic and audio interface.

More than just a versatile microphone, Stream Mic Pro is also a handy stereo interface for connecting and mixing in audio from other devices whenever you need it.

Here's why MusicRadar recommends iRig Stream Mic Pro and a link to the full review below:

Reasons to buy

+Hugely versatile
+Quality recordings

We're big fans of equipment that can carry out more than one function. IK Multimedia are the masters of finding new and innovative ways of increasing the capabilities and tricks their products offer, and the iRig Stream Mic Pro is a great example.


"Combining a dual-capsule condenser mic - with four different pickup patterns - with a 2 in/4 out audio interface for connecting different sound sources and outputs, means you really only need this device and you're up and running.

As with IK's other gear, the iRig Stream Mic Pro is designed with portability in mind and full cooperation with the smartphones and tablets in your lives, making for a superb value, highly versatile mic which will suit a variety of different use cases.


"The audio interface, in particular, is nicely thought out, with loopback functionality meaning you can route audio from different applications internally. You might, for example, want to stream an Ableton Live session but find Windows doesn't play nicely with multiple sound sources. Loopback is your friend here."

Read MusicRadar's full iRig Stream Mic Pro review.

Rig Stream Mic Pro is available now making it easier than ever to share your voice and music. It combines a professional multi-pattern condenser microphone and 24-bit, 96 kHz audio interface for music and content creation.


product image

iRig Stream Mic Pro




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