8 Sep 2023

WLPR on MTM Immersive Bundle

“For immersive in Atmos, there are 4 reasons why this is a fantastic value!”

Looking to get into Dolby Atmos on a budget? Why Logic Pro Rules can't recommend enough the iLoud MTM Immersive bundle from IK Multimedia. This video is a complete walkthrough of this fantastic speaker bundle.

After using the iLoud MTM Bundle to produce a 10-part video series on Getting Started with Dolby Atmos in Logic Pro, WLPR speaks frankly about what makes great monitors for mixing immersive audio. Check it out.

For folks who want to get into Atmos and immersive, I don't see how you cannot justify the pricing for all that you get and how awesome these speakers are.

Why Logic Pro Rules

Each one of these speakers is compact in size and lightweight which I think is incredibly helpful when you have so many speakers surrounding you and above you.

Why Logic Pro Rules

These speakers sound fantastic, they truly do. They have a linear phase response and are very precise.

What puts this entire bundle over the top is the built-in ARC technology which allows you to tune each speaker to the space.

Why Logic Pro Rules

Visit Why Logic Pro Rules on YouTube.

Save now and build the most affordable immersive 11-speaker bundle with iLoud MTMs. Just add a sub of your choice and you'll be mixing 7.1.4 in no time! Learn more about iLoud MTM.

product image

iLoud MTM Immersive Bundle 11

$/€4399.99 $/€3999.99



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