13 Sep 2023

Make Better Mixes Everywhere

It starts with iLoud Precision 6 on Audio University’s new video tutorial

Wondering why your mixes don't translate well to other systems? Kyle Mathias of Audio University discusses how to solve that problem and what to look for in a pair of studio monitors.

Throughout the video, Kyle points out why his pair of iLoud Precision 6 are a reference for what makes a great monitor, explaining their built-in ARC room calibration and X-MONITOR control software. 

You'll learn about frequency response, mono compatibility and mix translation with tips that'll help you make your music sound better everywhere. Have a look.

For the Precision 6s, it's clear that the engineers who designed them were aiming for a very flat frequency response where each frequency is evenly balanced.

Audio University

The frequency response of these speakers in my room is far from flat and that's because the acoustics of my room play a role in the frequency balance.

So while learning your speakers is effective, there's always a benefit to improving your speaker's acoustics and room correction.

Audio University

I've only got one pair of speakers in my mixing position, the iLoud Precision 6s. But I'm still able to test how the mix sounds on a variety of systems using the X-MONITOR software.

Audio University

Visit Audio University on YouTube for more tips on music production.

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Learn more about iLoud Precision HERE

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iLoud Precision


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