21 Sep 2023

The Most Compact Travel Rig?

“Just chuck iRig HD X in a laptop bag and you're good to go!”

John Nathan Cordy presents IK's new iRig HD X, a super portable guitar interface for practicing, recording and streaming. John discusses its features between performances in different styles to demonstrate how HD X sounds using TONEX and other amp sim plug-ins.

Even if you're not on a Mac or iOS device, there are plenty of reasons to own iRig HD X. Have a look.

It's a small, compact audio interface that you could stick in luggage and actually sensibly make use of.

I used to travel around to hotels as part of a job. This would've been absolutely ideal at the time.

John Nathan Cordy

You've got this Loopback, which means you could basically stream with this and send the processed audio to your viewers or if you're teaching.

It's really quite a useful thing that they've packed into such a small device.

John Nathan Cordy

Visit John Nathan Cordy on YouTube for tips on playing guitar and using gear.

Compact enough to store in your gig bag, iRig HD X lets you connect anytime with inspiring new ways to play and sound amazing. Includes versions of TONEX and AmpliTube for Mac/PC and iPhone/iPad.

product image

iRig HD X



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