18 Oct 2023

iLoud MTM Immersive Showcase

Read what studios our saying about IK's compact monitors for mixing Atmos

More and more professional studios and training facilities are choosing IK's iLoud MTM for mixing in Atmos and immersive audio. The 11-speaker iLoud MTM Immersive Bundle is a smart choice with its affordable price, impressive mix translation, onboard ARC 3 room correction and compact size.

We caught up with some of the mixing and mastering engineers from these studios and here's what they say about mixing immersive with iLoud MTM.

Chris Vandeviver of WLPR

After using the iLoud MTM Bundle to produce a 10-part video series on Getting Started with Dolby Atmos in Logic Pro, Chris Vandeviver of “Why Logic Pro Rules” speaks frankly about why iLoud MTMs are ideal monitors for mixing immersive audio. Learn more.

These speakers sound fantastic, they truly do. They have a linear phase response and are very precise. What puts this entire bundle over the top is the built-in ARC technology which allows you to tune each speaker to the space.

Chris Vandeviver, Audio Engineer & Founder of Why Logic Pro Rules

Capital University

Chad Loughrige of Capital University explains why he chose iLoud MTM to transform a student mixing room into an Atmos mixing room. Learn more.

We chose the iLouds because of their small form factor. They fit perfectly in our space. They're stand mountable. And they're really economical. It was a perfect way for us to dive into an Atmos system for our students.

Chad Loughrige, Music Technology Professor, Capital University

Heiga Studios

iLoud MTM monitors are the perfect solution for studios looking to expand into the realm of immersive audio. Heiga Studios based in Miami, Florida are a recent example, having just added Dolby Atmos mixing to their list of services as their CEO explains. Learn more.

The MTM Immersive Bundle allows us to have a great-sounding spatial mixing room and also keep it stylish with its small footprint, at a great price!

Malury Imbernon: CEO & Head of Visual Department, Heiga Studios

Ding Dong Audio

Ding Dong Audio opened its Beijing Flagship Store in June 2022, with a Dolby Atmos demo room using iLoud MTM. Many studios in China take Dolby Atmos into account when constructing a studio. Founder Ding Dong discusses why iLoud MTM is a perfect fit. Learn more.

iLoud MTM is very compact and versatile. It can be integrated into any room. The sound is first-class. After comparing speakers of the same size, we think iLoud MTM is more suitable for providing accurate sound in a small studio.

Ding Dong, Founder of Ding Dong Audio

Sander van der Heide

After 30 years of mastering at the renowned Wisseloord Studios in The Netherlands, Multi-platinum Mastering Engineer Sander van der Heide has moved to a custom-built immersive mastering room with iLoud MTMs and is happy to share his experience. Learn more.

I had a visit from Dolby who came to my room to check it for the first time. They had never heard the speakers before but weren't expecting much considering their size. After playing some reference files, they were really enthusiastic with the way it sounded!

Sander van der Heide, Mastering Engineer

Matt Sim, Warner Music Asia

Based out of Hong Kong, GRAMMY-nominated Mix Engineer Matt Sim describes why he chose iLoud MTM studio monitors to build his Atmos rig for mixing contracts that include Warner Music Asia, Universal Music and Sony Music. Learn more.

The reason why I fell in love with iLoud MTM was its outstanding immersive/stereo imaging. It reflects object placement and panning position with surgical precision, which makes it an ideal companion for Dolby Atmos music mixing.

Matt Sim, Atmos Mixing Engineer

Andy Zulla, Broadcast Television

Andy was the studio designer and lead music mixer for the reality TV show Songhouse Live. For the show, he fell in love with iLoud MTMs when setting up multiple immersive studios in a mansion full of TikTok influencers live-streaming to their millions of followers. Learn more.

I set up a pair in my mix room alongside my much more expensive main monitors. This is where I began to appreciate how great they sounded. What is especially satisfying is how well the iLoud Atmos mixes translate to the binaural downmix in headphones.

Andy Zulla, GRAMMY-winning Music Producer

Experience immersive audio with IK's iLoud MTM immersive bundle. Just add a sub of your choice and you'll be mixing 7.1.4 in no time! Learn more about iLoud MTM.

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iLoud MTM Immersive Bundle 11

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