29 Nov 2023

T-RackS on Justin Bieber Song

Says Justin's audio engineer Mark Parfitt: “There are so many great plug-ins!”

Justin Bieber's audio engineer Mark Parfitt reached out to us to share his appreciation for T-RackS 5 MAX, which includes 53 high-end audio processors. Mark used a number of them on a recent song release that you can check out in the video below. Have a look.

IK Multimedia has so many phenomenal sounds with T-RackS 5 Max. The emulations are some of my favorite sounding plug-ins and have been reimagined thoughtfully for the current music landscape.

Mark Parfitt

IK Bus Compressor has been a new constant in my mix world. Works great on any stereo bus. Not limited to the mix bus by any means.

Mark Parfitt

Sunset Sound Studio Reverb has an extremely cool vibe and sits in the mix very well. It has a much different texture than most other reverbs.

Mark Parfitt

T-RackS One is a magical mastering processor. It gives a lot of mojo with very little effort. Instant gratification and doesn't sound unnatural or forced. Honestly, I could keep going on.

Mark Parfitt

Visit Mark's site with more audio demos here.

The T-RackS 5 MAX v2 collection for Mac/PC adds 15 more modules for a total of 53, ranging from compressors and limiters to equalizers, channel strips, reverbs and more.

You'll get all the latest releases including The Farm Stone Room, Joe Chiccarelli Vocal Strip and FAME Studio Reverb to create the perfect mix. Learn more.


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