27 Feb 2024

iRig HD X vs. iRig USB

Audio Tech TV: “We’ll find out which one might be the best one for you."

In this video, Zane from Audio Tech TV presents IK's latest guitar interfaces, iRig HD X and iRig USB. In less than 9 minutes you'll gain a complete understanding of each as he discusses their similarities and differences and recommends which one might be best for you, depending on your needs. Have a look.

The iRig USB is a simple interface that you can connect to your iPad or iPhone or your computer. If you just want something you can plug into and play, it's going to give you DVD-quality audio for practicing and some light recording.

Audio Tech TV

If you're recording a lot more and delivering that to clients or bandmates, or you want the best quality sound in live performance or while you practice, then the iRig HD X is for you.

Audio Tech TV

No matter which one you choose, they're both excellent quality guitar interfaces that you can use with other amp sims, not just AmpliTube or TONEX.

Audio Tech TV

Visit Audio Tech TV on YouTube for more audio tech tips, tutorials and reviews.

Don't have an iRig yet? Choose yours today and connect with a world of ways to sound better on guitar and bass.

product image

iRig HD X


product image

iRig USB



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