12 Mar 2024

The Sound of Lee Scratch Perry

Making Dub music with T-Racks TASCAM Tape Collection

In a recent article, Gearnews discusses Dub pioneer Lee Scratch Perry and his influence on recording in the mid-70s. Instantly recognizable, his work can be heard on productions made with Bob Marley, Junior Murvin, Max Romeo, Eric Gale and others at his famous Black Ark Studio in Jamaica.

Among the gear found at his studio to craft that sound, Perry used the TEAC A3340 tape machine in the most creative ways. Though it's difficult to acquire a working machine today, you can find the perfect virtual specimen from IK as Gearnews explains.

You too can take the tape route, and with a correctly calibrated machine and good-quality tape. Alternatively, the T-RackS TASCAM Tape Collection from IK Multimedia has a detailed software recreation of the A3340.


Like many artists in Jamaica at the time, Perry didn't have access to the latest studio gear. In the days of Lee Perry's Black Ark Studio, the TEAC A3340 was the main tape recorder used in sessions, along with another TEAC 2-track recorder for mixing down.


While Perry's apparent practice of breathing the smoke from a certain medicinal plant onto his tape reels may have worked wonders for him, there's no tangible evidence of its effect on the sound!


Read the full article at Gearnews here.

The TEAC 3340S 4-channel Simul-Sync® tape deck was part of the second generation of their Creator series. With Permalux® heads for excellent frequency response, low distortion and resistance to wear, the 3340S was the most versatile quadraphonic tape deck at the time. Available separately or as part of the T-RackS TASCAM Tape Collection.

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TEAC A-3340S

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