29 Feb 2024

T-RackS Mic Room to the Rescue

Global Love Unity Equity turns to IK’s plug-in to glue it all together

G.L.U.E. (Global Love Unity Equity) released its groundbreaking music project last September, captivating a worldwide audience and debuting at #3 on the World Music Charts on iTunes. This collaboration brings together over 130 stellar musicians and artists from 6 continents, forming a full Symphonic ensemble dedicated to promoting equity with love on a global scale.

Mixing these various performances was a difficult task, made significantly easier with the discovery of the T-RackS Mic Room, as producer and G.L.U.E. board member Jae Deal explains:

We had over 150 different recording environments and technical situations and we had to engineer all of them into a cohesive, unified sound.

Mic Room allowed me to match microphone sonics and engineer all of the separate performances into a harmonious space.

Jae Deal

Revolutionary music

The project is an eclectic orchestral/world/pop hybrid, infused with cinematic underscore and visual artistic expression. The music takes listeners on a transformative journey, blending diverse musical elements and at times featuring arbitrary instrumental solos that add a touch of spontaneity and individuality.

The mission of G.L.U.E. is to promote equity with love worldwide through the universal language of music and with the Use Your Voice Global Collaboration the ensemble seeks to encourage and invigorate hope, touching the hearts of listeners worldwide.

Learn more and check out album tracks here.

IK is proud to have assisted in this way, making a whole album sound better. You too can glue your tracks together and more with T-RackS 5 v2, which features 22 essential plug-ins for mixing and mastering at one low price including T-RackS Mic Room.

product image

T-RackS 5 v2

$/€149.99 $/€49.99 on sale


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