7 Jun 2024

AudioTechnology on ARC Studio

“The difference was so stark I recoiled in shock and delight.”

AudioTechnology reviews IK's ARC Studio acoustic room correction system, describing the existing issues in their mixing room, going through the setup process, and then discussing the positive impact of ARC Studio on their listening experience. Once again, ARC Studio comes to the rescue to help you mix better and faster.

Here are some highlights and a link to the full review below.

ARC Studio is reasonable enough to put room correction within reach of anyone serious about balanced and reliable monitoring.

Chances are, you'll be surprised by what your studio monitors are capable of when your room quirks are ironed out – tighter, more revealing with improved depth and detail. I was!



  • Great results
  • Interesting cross-referencing possibilities
  • Standalone hardware solution

The Velvet Sound converters used in ARC Studio sound amazing. The improvement of the listening environment provided by the ARC system by far surpasses any possible ultra-small change on the sonics caused by the added AD and DA, if any.

My experience suggests that ARC Studio has a place in many studios.


Read the full ARC Studio review on AudioTechnology here.

Upgrade any studio monitors instantly with the first out-of-the-box acoustic room correction system that anyone can afford. ARC Studio combines a standalone correction processor, new ARC 4 measurement software and a room analysis microphone.

product image

ARC Studio



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