5 Jun 2024

Pianoverse for Film Scoring

Whittymusic: “I was absolutely blown away by this product.”

IK's Pianoverse is an incredible tool for film composers and music producers. In this video tutorial, veteran composer Michael Whittaker demonstrates how to use Pianoverse's cinematic sound design capabilities.

As Michael explains, you can morph effects in real time using a MIDI controller to add tension or enhance the mood. Have a look.

Pianoverse is one of the most incredible tools for cinematic production when it comes to pianos.

I'll show you some tricks, what I do and how I use it, both in my film scoring and pop production.

Michael Whittaker

We'll focus on this effects page, the hidden gem and what can bring these pianos to life. That's what I love about Pianoverse.

I can interact with all the features at the same time to change things over time and make things sound more dynamic and cinematic.

Michael Whittaker

This thing is almost like emotions on steroids, changing over time, and when we're working on cinematic projects, our job is to connect people with the emotion of what's happening on the screen via music.

Michael Whittaker

Visit the Scorecraft Academy to learn more.
Or check out Michael Whittaker's YouTube channel HERE.

Pianoverse offers the most expansive sonic palette available in a single virtual instrument. You can start with one or more pianos or go for the MAX or All-access subscription options and get all Pianoverse Pianos available now and those coming soon.

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