8 Jul 2024

MTM MKII: Editors Choice Award

Magnetic Magazine: “These monitors are best in class.”

iLoud MTM MKII studio monitors are winning awards for redefining what small-space monitors can do. In this review, Magnetic Magazine highly recommends MTM MKII to help you mix better, giving IK's new monitors their Editors Choice Award.

Whether you want to upgrade your monitors or add a 2nd pair, the MTM MKII could be your best option and deserves consideration. Here are some highlights and a link to the full review below:

The drivers and amps in the iLoud MTM MKII give you incredibly detailed sound, with crisp transients and the ability to hear every detail in the mix.

Magnetic Magazine

These monitors are incredible for small studios and less-than-ideal spaces.

Suppose your studio hasn't been built from the ground up with the sole intention of being an acoustically perfect space. In that case, these monitors are about as great a solution as you could ask for.

Magnetic Magazine

If you work a lot with editing audio of any kind, be it mixing audio for film, content creation, podcast editing, etc., the MKII is one of the best monitors on the market for this purpose.

Magnetic Magazine

Read the full iLoud MTM MKII review here.

iLoud MTM MKII offers sonic perfection and volume levels previously unavailable in this class of reference monitors. Maintaining its iconic form, MTM MKII sports more efficient drivers and twice the processing power under the hood to turn any space into the ideal mixing and mastering setup.

product image



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