21 Feb 2018

"I can do anything now with a phone or my laptop"

Tee Wyla on iRig Keys I/O, iLoud Micro Monitor, and more

"Since discovering IK multimedia products I’m literally 100% mobile and can now collaborate with any type of musician anywhere to meet all my deadlines faster."

“Since discovering IK multimedia products I’m literally 100% mobile and can now collaborate with any type of musician anywhere to meet all my deadlines faster.”

"iLoud Micro Monitors deliver every single time. I’ve never heard monitors that small sound that huge"

Watch Tee-Wyla (aka Joshua Toala), who has composed numerous works for major movie trailers like Star Wars Rogue One, TV, and commercials - all using IK music production accessories and software including iRig Keys I/O, iLoud Micro Monitor, T-RackS 5, SampleTank 3, Syntronik, Miroslav Philharmonik 2, and more.

Here you can see iRig Keys I/O in action.  Joshua takes it and iLoud Micro Monitor (and a computer full of IK music software) wherever he goes so he can make music at the drop of a hat.  He needs to be ready when he gets calls from major TV networks and movie studios who want music from him NOW.  He even uses IK software for major projects for companies like Disney:

"I recently had to do a Disney movie trailer that required a first chair violin ensemble and modular synths in the same project. Miroslav Philharmonik 2 and Syntronik were exactly what I needed. The layering isn’t over the top or over processed and they have a warm accurate sound. You couldn’t tell they weren't real instruments or synths unless I told you."

iRig Keys I/O is a total music production station - not only is it a MIDI keyboard controller, the iRig Keys I/O series also integrates a high-resolution audio interface, programmable pads, touch-sensitive knobs, an incredible amount of professional audio software, and more.

iLoud Micro Monitor ultra-compact, high quality reference studio monitors have wowed both professionals and users alike with their unbelievably truthful and ultra-accurate sound quality—even in small spaces.  In fact, they are becoming known as the best monitors for small studios.

Josh Toala has composed numerous works for tv, and commercials run on major networks such as NBC, CBS, ABC, ESPN, VH1, BET, MTV, Radio 1 programming, and more. Since 2002, Joshua has regularly accepted commissions for scored music, and has composed for independent film, and production companies and database work with creative services for the likes of Viacom, and Disney.  His most Notable works include music appearing throughout the NBA Finals, The Olympics, UEFA CUP, World Cup, and several BET Award shows throughout the years.

In addition to his successful licensing career, Joshua spends his time working as a hip hop producer / multi instrumentalist under the name Tee Wyla, releasing several instrumental projects, under different musical styles, varying from acoustic music, to classical string arrangements, interactive-sound installations, and literally everything in between.

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