7 Jun 2018

Medium.com : "Total Studio 2 MAX is a digital musician's dream"

"Once you’ve got Total Studio 2 Max all installed – you’ve got the makings to create the next best thing in music"

"If you are into performing or producing digital music, you’ll find everything you need and more in the Total Studio 2 Max collection from IK Multimedia."

Doug Bardwell from Medium.com was able to dive into Total Studio MAX 2 and really dissect what is included with the bundle.

Below are some of Doug's key comments from the review:

"This collection of software will enable you to create more than 16,800 sounds in addition to recreating 350 guitars and bass sounds, and then mix and master them just like a professional sound studio. And, you can do it all from your laptop."

On Syntronik:"Creating the majority of unique music sounds in the last 100 years, synthesizers revolutionized modern music. Now you can recreate the exact sounds made popular by 17 of the most classic synthesizers made."

OnSampleTank 3 MAX:"Why settle for a couple MIDI piano sounds when you can have 1,000’s of instruments at your fingertips. SampleTank 3 includes 4,600 different instruments in 21 different categories. More than 7,400 drum sounds are available along with full kit loops played by renowned musicians. 3,500 MIDI patterns are included."

On Miroslav Philharmonik 2:"With the included Miroslav Philharmonik 2 collection, you’ll add another 2,400 orchestral instruments with strings, woodwinds, brass, voice, drums, and percussion."

On MODO Bass:"Physically modeled bass guitars will bring realism to your creations like nothing you’ve seen before. MODO BASS is included, giving you maximum control over your bass guitar sounds with unlimited customization options."

On T-RackS 5 MAX and Lurssen Mastering Console:"Two separate collections with have you fine tuning your pieces to their ultimate conclusion. T-RackS 5 suite gives you a mighty selection of 38 processors — including EQ’s, channel strips, limiters, amplifiers, reverb, echo, harmonics processors and special metering. The Lurssen Mastering Console is the official emulation of Lurssen’s own unit enabling digital delivery mastering (DDM) for iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and more."

On AmpliTube MAX:"Why spend tons of money on expensive guitar amps and gear when you can duplicate them all in the guitar and bass tone studio."

The final verdict:

"If you are into performing or producing digital music, you’ll find everything you need and more in the Total Studio 2 Max collection from IK Multimedia."


Check out the full review here.

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