2 Nov 2018

Harmony Central Reviews iRig Stomp I/O

Harmony Central talks about iRig Stomp I/O and its compatible IK software.

Harmony Central has recently spent some time with our iRig Stomp I/O.  After showing love to IK for our drive to bridge mobile devices and tablets to traditional instruments and recording setups, they dive deep into everything you need to know about the unit.  Now is your chance to join Harmony Central in getting to know iRig Stomp I/O and all of its features and functions.  Here are some highlights from the review.
"The release of the IM Multimedia Stomp I/O is the logical next step in their goal to bridge traditional and high-tech approaches to making music for musicians."
"The IK Multimedia Stomp I/O is heavy, sturdy, and feels more than ready for the light beating that the rigors of the road will bring." 
"The travel and resistance of the expression pedal was aces right out of the packaging, and again, the Stomp I/O feels like a piece of gear that is meant to be played with your feet, and not just a desktop controller in a different form factor." 
"Immediate integration with AmpliTube and VocaLive, powered with a 96kHz/24-bit audio interface makes iRig Stomp I/O setup a breeze.."

There’s never been a better combination of features, integration, and value put forth for the performer looking to move to software-based processing of their instruments than the IK Multimedia Stomp I/O.

Chris Loeffler, Harmony Central
"I enjoyed how it walked the line between traditional guitar gear and modern sound engineering in its design to create an intuitive and informative (behind the scenes) experience for the more rounded musician who is considering stepping into software." 
Read the full Harmony Central review here.
Learn more about iRig Stomp I/O on the IK Multimedia website here.
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