1 Feb 2019

ADSR's Top 5 Features of UNO Synth

ADSR Sounds shares a video showing their favorite things about UNO Synth.

ADSR Sounds shared a video that featured their Top 5 Things They Like About UNO Synth.  Out of the many things to choose from, those things were: the Editor, Battery powered, Wave-shaping OSCs, Analog multi-mode filter, the Step sequencer.  They discuss UNO Synth's portability throughout the video, and show how the UNO Synth Editor can be brought along anywhere on an iPad or iOS device.  UNO Synth is the perfect package for music making of all kinds.

Watch the full video below:


ADSR concludes that “This little synth comes in at under $200 and has some seriously cool functions under its hood, and most importantly, sounds really good for the price.”

Learn more about UNO Synth here.

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