7 Feb 2019

Celebrate Bass Month

Save up to 50% on award-winning low frequency software.

We are bringing in February 2019 with a Bass Month Celebration!  Starting today, save up to 50% on award-winning software to bring high-end sound to your music's low end.  Through March 5th, 2019, save big on our favorite bass-oriented titles including MODO BASS, Ampeg SVX, and more!  Full list of available sales below:

Bring your bass lines to life with MODO BASS - the first physically modeled electric bass. Get the most accurate and inspiring performance via the realism that physical modeling can bring to your music.

MODO BASS      $/€299.99   $/€149.99

MODO BASS (USB)    $/€299.99   $/€149.99

MODO BASS Crossgrade     $/€199.99   $/€99.99

MODO BASS Crossgrade (USB)     $/€199.99   $/€99.99

Get that inimitable Ampeg sound for your bass tracks with Ampeg SVX and Ampeg SVX 2. You'll marvel at how our amp and effects modeling technology makes it sound (and feel) like you are playing through real Ampeg bass amps, cabinets, and effects. Try these on MODO BASS too.

Ampeg SVX     $/€99.99   $/€59.99

Ampeg SVX 2     $/€99.99   $/€59.99

Ampeg SVX 2 Upgrade     $/€49.99   $/€34.99

Ampeg SVX 1 & 2 Bundle    $/€149.99   $/€74.99

Ampeg SVX 1 & 2 Power DUO  $/€199.99   $/€99.99

Get the most professional-sounding bass tracks in your mix by using the acclaimed T-RackS processors that are favorites of pros like Tom Lord-Alge and Nick Davis. They even shared their presets with T-RackS users!

EQ 73     $/€124.99   $/€74.99

British Channel     $/€124.99   $/€74.99

Black 76 Limiting Amplifier     $/€99.99   $/€59.99

Vintage Compressor Model 670     $/€99.99   $/€59.99

EQ-P1A Vintage Tube Program Equalizer     $/€99.99   $/€59.99 

Don't miss out!  Enhance your music's low-end and save big on bass now.

*Crossgrade eligibility:  Any user with a product valued $/€99.99 or more purchased and registered in their IK account.  For full eligibility information and list of eligible crossgrades/upgrades please click here.

Although IK strives to provide accurate product and pricing information, unintentional pricing or typographical errors may occur.  Prices do not include taxes.  IK reserves the right to correct, change or update information such as pricing, availability, product descriptions, at any time without notice.

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