27 Mar 2019

Santaflow talks about T-RackS and AmpliTube 4 in his productions

The Spanish artist recently talked to us about his favorite music production tools

Santaflow, the artist, composer, music producer and more, is one of the most popular and downloaded Spanish artists on the internet. Furthermore, he has collaborated with great artists such as Santa RM, Shè, Porta and Kako M and toured extensively in countries like Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. He recently told us about how he uses T-RackS processors and AmpliTube 4 in his powerful productions.

Santaflow has some T-RackS processors among his absolute favorites while mixing in the studio:

In all my mixes, I use the EQP-1A to add color to almost all the tracks before using another more surgical EQ, and everything just sounds bigger and more beautiful.”

“For the elements that are needed at the front in the mix, my favorite compressor is the Black 76. I love it in bass, drums and guitars. In rap vocals, I set up fast attack and release and I then push the input gain until the syllables stand out in the mix with that nice and powerful saturation that I love.”

White 2A is great for filling backing vocals, busses, strings or any other set of elements that requires a small touch of soft glue.”

I never miss a good dose of the Bus Compressor on my drums bus. That SSL sound with the addition of the SC Hi PASS is perfect for finding the balance between pumping and weight. I also use it on my master bus to add subtlety to all my mixes.”


For guitar and bass, Santaflow has it clear: AmpliTube 4 and Ampeg SVX 2.

“There is not much to say: You can get any guitar sound you can just imagine. The distortions you get by increasing the gain of the BRITISH LEAD are incredible, gritty, powerful ... I love them for my choruses with power chorus!”

“I have tested virtually all VST bass amp emulators that exist. Well, I choose the Ampeg SVX 2 B15N. Deep bass at the same time as a defined high and mid-range. It is simply the best. Always on my electric basses.


T-RackS is the most powerful modular mixing and mastering system in the world. See all versions we have available here.

AmpliTube is the best guitar and bass tone studio for Mac/PC that works as a standalone application and as a plugin for your favorite DAW. See all versions we have available here.

Ampeg SVX puts the legendary tone of some of the most iconic bass amps and cabs ever created on your computer. See all versions we have available here.


Learn more about Santaflow here.


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