21 May 2019

American Songwriter Reviews AXE I/O

"For $349, you get your dream guitar recording studio in a box."

American Songwriter reviews AXE I/O, calling it the guitar interface they've always wanted because it allows users to "integrate the best of the organic and digital world into the recording chain workflow".  A one of a kind interface, AXE I/O is very forward thinking for today's guitarist introducing brand new features to make recording a breeze.  With just enough familiarity to work your way around the interface right out of the box, but also brand new features to streamline the recording process, AXE I/O truly stands as the new staple for guitarists of all kind.  

Here are some key points from the review:

"The newly released IK Multimedia AXE I/O, a 2 in/5 out unit and controller, makes it ‘caveman’ easy to get pro-quality recordings in the comfort of my home."

"The AXE I/O has the familiar layout and build of other popular audio interfaces on the market, but its functionality goes way beyond what most provide."

For $349, you get your dream guitar recording studio in a box.

"I found the Z-Tone knob to be super useful, in that I could thicken or thin out my sound depending on what the part called for, without switching the guitar. This is a big game changer for me, as there have been times where I’ve lost my workflow and train of consciousness from having to switch through guitars just to get a different timbre."

"Later on in the mix, the “AMP OUT” let me re-amp my guitar through my selection of real amps and pedals noiselessly and easily."

Read the full review on American Songwriter here.
Learn more about AXE I/O here.
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