18 Sep 2019

Funkyfresh SampleTank 4 Review

"This is simply a beautiful product that will give you an endless sonic palette.”

Rather than a typical review, Funkyfresh dove into SampleTank 4 with one question in mind: does it inspire?  We could talk about all of the features in SampleTank 4 forever, but the true test of any kind of instrument is its ability to create.  Funkyfresh highly enjoyed the SampleTank 4 experience, saying "the more we tried to do the more SampleTank responded."  Made for virtually any kind of music creation, from making beats, to shaping your sounds, to grabbing quick high-quality samples, playing live and more, SampleTank 4 has all that you need to inspire your musical journey.  Hear what Funkyfresh has to say about our ultimate sound and groove workstation below:

"This is simply a beautiful product that will give you an endless sonic palette.”

"We generally prefer to play and create riffs live but ST4 has some incredibly useful loops and phrases that are ready to be sequenced into a track. This was a great way to create something interesting quickly, especially with more exotic/ethnic/world sounds for example.”

Reviewing SampleTank 4 Max was like a serendipitous journey of discovery versus a methodical approach of dissecting features.

“The acoustic stuff is solid. The quality of the bases, keys, horns, strings and ethnic instruments just makes you want to keep exploring.”

"The ability to customize sounds using analog style controls and built-in effects and filters gives you exponential creative freedom to dial in a sound just the way you like it."

For music, sound design and post, SampleTank 4 is a very powerful instrument to have in your arsenal and worth taking the time to learn how to use.

Read the full review from Funkyfresh here.

Learn more about SampleTank 4 here.

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