20 Sep 2019

Multi-platinum producer John Kurzweg on T-RackS Tape Machines

"I totally dig the sound-- IK really did a good job"

Tape Machines have been a crucial part of recording for years and it's not only those fortunate enough to actually record to tape who are able to get that sweet analog sound. Now you have the ability to replicate tape-based audio recordings in an amazing way. With crystal clear highs, warm lows, and its ability to add just the right amount of harmonics and saturation, it's no wonder engineers have sought after this sound for years.

T-RackS Tape Machine Collection was designed to replicate every detail that makes the medium so useful and popular. Don't take our word for it, multi-platinum record producer and multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter, John Kurzweg (Jewel, Godsmack, Creed, and Puddle of Mudd), knows his way around a tape machine and shared his thoughts:

The true stereo mode is something I’ve wanted other plug in designers to implement for a long time—when you're using a stereo analog unit, part of the magic is the lefts side can NEVER be exactly the same as the right…EVER..So it’s extremely important when emulating analog gear to model this!! Hats off to IK!!

Every 2 bus mix I ran through the 440 and the 99 got better—I could see this not only as a mix enhancer but an important tool in mastering—the 24 is a beautiful emulation of one of my favorite machines— Tweaking the highs on the recording side and the lows on the playback is so sweet—and of course the 80 just rocks—I have to say vocals, guitars ,and overheads benefit immediately from any of the 4 models with out any tweaking.
The transport control adds more depth, realism and thickening to any source —and as an added bonus, even if you don’t want the tape sound you can use the input setting with true stereo and get all the benefits of running through a great piece of analog gear in stereo!!(we used to do this back in the day—a tape machine with transformers and a great analog path has a sound even without the tape!)

The T-RackS Tape Machine Collection is the culmination of years of research and development on real, world-class machines, each carefully restored “to spec” and modeled stage-by-stage for incredible accuracy. Using a careful mix of convolution and physical modeling, the Tape Machine Collection re-creates the complex interplay of machine, tape, and audio to capture even the smallest detail of each machine.

Give your tracks that classic low-end weight, ear-pleasing high-end, saturation and glue that only tape can provide. Each Tape Machine module offers its own unique character plus 4 tape formulas, selectable tape speed, and common controls to let you easily audition the differences between the different machines and tape formulations.

John Kerzweg is a multi-platinum record producer and multi-instrumentalist/singer/songwriter who first became known for his work with successful post-grunge band Creed in the late 1990s and early 2000s. Three of Creed's records, which Kurzweg produced & mixed were certified multi-platinum and helped Creed achieve worldwide popularity as well as producing other popular rock artists such as Puddle of Mudd, Godsmack, and Eagle Eye Cherry.

Learn more about T-RackS Tape Machine Collection here or Buy Now!

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