21 Aug 2020

digitalDrummer on UNO Drum: "You Want One!"

"On-the-fly beat creation in an easy-to-use package, great sounds"

digitalDrummer's very own Allan Leibowitz has taken a deep look at IK's analog/PCM drum machine and beat creation station, the UNO Drum. He was particularly impressed by its ease of use, huge range of sounds and tweakability. Furthermore, he offers good insight into UNO Drum's capabilities as a great tool for e-drummers.

Read some of his key comments here:

"The UNO Drum comes pre-loaded with 100 pre-programmed and fully editable drum kit presets and patterns, which is unusual in the world of analogue drum synths. So, any novice could plug it in, mess around and be churning out beats in seconds."

"And the recent release of the Drum Anthology Libraries adds even more digital renditions of 40 iconic drum machines... they include all the sounds of the big hits, including the Roland CR-78 used in Phil Collins' In the Air Tonight."

Allan's final verdict:
"The UNO Drum is a well-designed and capable drum synth/sequencer which combines many of the features for on-the-fly beat creation in an easy-to-use package.
The controls are logical, well laid out and relatively easy to learn and use.

The analogue sounds are very useable and tweakable, but the instrument also adds digital samples to broaden the scope and appeal. And the new libraries contain some great sounds which would be very useful of cover bands and content creators... it seems to offer some features absent from its major competitors."

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Learn more about UNO Drum
Learn more about Anthology Libraries for UNO Drum


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