20 Feb 2020

"Real jamming monster - a fantastic job, IK Multimedia!"

19 Feb 2020

"No-brainer amongst ultracompact controller keyboards"

12 Feb 2020

"Uncannily real Brian May tones" - 4.5 out of 5 star score

30 Jan 2020

"A complete delight to play, recreating authentic Hammond sounds to any music"

09 Jan 2020

Computer Music's ultimate accolade for virtual instruments

08 Jan 2020

"Worthy winner and a truly exciting innovation in speaker technology"

03 Jan 2020

"It's difficult to tell the B-3X apart from the real thing"

31 Dec 2019

"It's surprising that a device like this hasn't existed before"

20 Dec 2019

Robin Vincent of Molten Music checks out the entire collection

18 Dec 2019

"Perfect for use in any mixing or mastering environment.”

18 Dec 2019

The editorial team crowned it amongst the very best gear of 2019

16 Dec 2019

"Enough tape flavours for a broad range of tasks"

06 Dec 2019

"A truly incredible solution"

04 Dec 2019

"The B-3X is an instrument you can get lost in, and something that rewards with a dynamic, musical interaction."

20 Nov 2019

"I feel like I got my old B3 back, mods and all. Ten thumbs up to IK Multimedia."

19 Nov 2019

"A hell of a lot of sounds, with excellent editing and modulation flexibility"

18 Nov 2019

R.J. Ronquillo explains why all types of guitarists benefit by using AXE I/O.

12 Nov 2019

Here's your chance to vote for your favourite monitor speakers!

11 Nov 2019

"Easy to operate and well laid out, making it a very nice jamming tool"

05 Nov 2019

"All the tools you need to achieve his classic signature sound"

30 Oct 2019

"To date, no-one else has managed to reproduce the complex sound behaviour of percussion instruments so realistically and in such a detail"


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