Tones from Hell to eternity

The Dimebag Darrell CFH Collection comes straight from the source. Ferocious. Blistering. Soulful. Those are just three of many words one would use to describe the guitar tone of “Dimebag” Darrell Lance Abbott. Dime is considered one of the most influential guitarists of all-time and a legendary, genre-defining musician. Most will 333% agree that Dime’s legacy is rich, particularly his work on "Cowboys From Hell."

Dimebag Darrell CFH Collection overview

  • Gear collection for AmpliTube Custom Shop
  • 9 models recreated using Dime's actual gear
  • Breakthrough DIM™ technology for unparalleled realism
  • Sound-certified and approved by Dime's long-time guitar tech
  • No previous version of AmpliTube required
  • Works seamlessly with the new Custom Shop updates

Everything like the real thing

IK Multimedia utilized all of Dime’s personal guitar effects, amplifiers and cabinets that he used in the studio while recording Pantera’s groundbreaking album "Cowboys From Hell," which in-turn started the revolution of the “Power Groove” in metal.
Available in a convenient desktop app and plug-in for your DAW, now you can play and record using the same gear and settings Dime did. Hear for yourself.

Listen to audio demos


Gear available in Dimebag Darrell CFH Collection

The Dimebag Darrell CFH Collection features 9 brand new models including 2 amps, 2 cabinets and 5 stomps created to precisely mirror the rig that Dime used to record the classic album "Cowboys From Hell." This includes a meticulously modeled reproduction of the highly coveted Randall® RG 100 ES Amplifier, a completely re-modeled 1986 Roland® JC-120™ stereo combo amp, along with all the pedals Dime used while recording the album.


2 Amplifiers

  • Darrell 100
  • Jazz Amp 120 CFH

2 Cabinets

  • Darrell 412
  • JP Jazz CFH

5 Stompboxes

  • 6-Band EQ
  • Pre EQ 3
  • Flanger Doubler
  • Dime Wah
  • Dime Noise Gate
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Dime’s monumental tone lives on

IK Multimedia worked meticulously for this collection with Dime’s long-time guitar tech and right-hand man, Grady Champion. We utilized Dime’s personal guitar effects, amplifiers and cabinets from those studio sessions to precisely model all of Dime’s guitar tones on "Cowboys From Hell." Now you can play and record using the same gear and settings as Dime did on Pantera’s groundbreaking album.

Let Dime's legacy push you towards a new level of crushingly heavy riffs and ferocious leads with the sound and feel of his actual gear.

Dimebag Darrel

Dime’s tone was so unique… You automatically knew it was him as soon as he strapped on his guitar and hit that first note. What a lucky guy I was to know him. He was my friend first and took me on a ride I’ll never forget. I owe him everything. I am very fortunate to be included in this project and help create the Dimebag Darrell "Cowboys From Hell" version of AmpliTube. Can’t wait for you all to hear it.

Grady Champion (Friend and Guitar Technician for Dimebag Darrell Lance Abbott)

Black Tooth Friends

Quotes exclusively for IK from Dime’s bandmates and friends


Dime was as brutally hilarious as was his playing lethal. During extreme writing sessions, it was his sense of humor that made the intensity of those moments that much more endurable. Like Vince, Dime was a perfectionist in the studio and in a live setting, so his comedic stylings benefitted all involved — the band, crew & audience. He was one in a zillion and his methodology lives on with every studio endeavor or tour I do. Bless his memory.

Philip H. Anselmo (Pantera)

Dime did it all my friends! From his monstrously huge rhythm attack to his blood curdling vibrato and stinging leads… He was always on the search for a bigger sound, which he did with perfection. It was an honor to sit beside him from the time he picked up that guitar until the end. The King is gone but his tone will NEVER be forgotten!

Rex Brown (Pantera)

Dime had the most aggressive and pulverizing tone that there was. His lead tone was so identifiable… you just knew it was him. It was both equally brutal and beautiful!

Charlie Benante (Anthrax)

Dime was the real deal. An amazing human being and the heaviest guitar player ever. He played with his heart and soul. We toured together, drank together and had a great time… thank you for everything Dime.

Andreas Kisser (Sepultura)

Dimebag Darrell was the first player of the modern era of metal to emerge with distinctive styles both as a soloist and a riff-master. Despite Pantera having a one-guitar lineup, Darrell’s tone had the intensity of two players, easily standing toe to toe with the heaviest of the two-guitar bands.

Alex Skolnick (Testament / Metal Allegiance)

The one thing I loved the most about Dime was the way the melodies and notes just seemed to flow through him. Like he was a literal conduit from Gods delivering the perfect pitch, tone and blend for us all to worship. He wasn’t theory-trained, but schooled all of us in the process.

Phil Demmel (Machine Head)

But wait, there's more

AXE I/O — Capture your guitar and bass at their best

Ready for the ultimate guitar and bass recording experience, that brings out every nuance of AmpliTube? Check out AXE I/O, IK’s premium audio interface with powerful tone shaping tools. It’s the audio interface guitar and bass players have been waiting for.


Take MIDI control

AmpliTube is fully MIDI compatible, so all the knobs, controls and presets of this gear Collection for AmpliTube can be assigned and controlled with a standard MIDI controller, or a high-quality interface like the iRig Stomp I/O, or the convenient iRig BlueBoard.


A Time Machine of tone… for free

The AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop is a free software package for your Mac or PC that includes a complete guitar dual signal chain; tuner, pedalboard, amplifier, cabinet, microphone and rack effects section. It comes with 39 pieces of gear and access to our unique online virtual music store where you can purchase gear models either a-la-carte or as a complete collection. You can even create almost any rig you can dream up combining this gear collection with the universe of gear available to try or buy in Custom Shop.

When used as a standalone application, AmpliTube 5 Custom Shop features a 2-track recorder section and a song-player for easy play-along capabilities. The SpeedTrainer function allows you to slow down the audio so you can learn Satch’s signature licks note for note without affecting the pitch.


AmpliTube 5 — step up to the modern player’s ultimate tone studio

While AmpliTube gear sounds absolutely amazing in AmpliTube Custom Shop, it will sound even better with all the new and improved tone-tweaking features inside of AmpliTube 5 — features like the Freely Configurable Signal Chain and a re-designed Cabinet section to name a few.


Freely Configurable Signal Chain

AmpliTube 5 features a new, completely customizable gear chain. Beyond mono & stereo, AmpliTube 5 now supports wet-dry-wet configurations and other advanced series & parallel routing.

The overall chain now supports up to a massive 57 simultaneous models across Stomps, Racks, Amps and Cabs. And setup is a breeze - just drag & drop any model into place, to build or re-position even the most complex rigs in seconds.


New Cabinet Section with VIR™ Technology

AmpliTube 5 premieres a re-engineered Cabinet section with all-new DSP. IK’s new Volumetric Impulse Response (VIR™) uses 600 IRs per speaker, 1,200 IRs for a 2-speaker cab and 2,400 IRs for a 4-speaker cab, capturing a massive 3D array of mic placement options, plus all the interactions between speakers, cabinet and floor for a completely true-to-life sound.


Track your creativity

As a standalone application, AmpliTube 5 also features an integrated 8-track recorder, plus a 4-track looper for quickly capturing your ideas as they come to you. And, of course, you can mix and match your favorite gear with any and all of the new AmpliTube 5 models to create your own one-of-a-kind tones.

If you haven't already, now’s a great time to leap ahead with AmpliTube 5.


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