Why does iLoud sound better than the other portable speakers?

Design Philosophy

iLoud is designed with audio performance in mind. No compromise has been made when iLoud was designed to achieve the best possible audio performance in a speaker of this size. Most portable speakers sound “ok” but are miles away from the sound you’d expect from a studio monitor, just because their purpose is to fill the room with music. There are models that sound more “bassy”, others that sound more sparkly, but it is very rare to find a “portable” stereo speaker that sounds just right.

iLoud has been designed with a particular goal in mind: to provide musicians with a solid reference for the music they’re working on, producing, composing or mixing while on the go. Something that you can pull out of your bag, connect it wherever you are, and be sure that what you are listening to is an accurate representation of what you’re doing. Anyone who has worked in music production knows how important this is.


So, what happened? At the conclusion of the development cycle for this stereo portable studio monitor, we discovered that iLoud is just superior to any comparable sized speakers on the market, even for non-musicians.

As with all the portable speakers or docks on the market, just load up iTunes or Spotify® and listen to your playlist and iLoud will blow you away. Why? Because when a speaker sounds correct it pleases everybody, as it stays true to the production behind the music, without distorting the accuracy and balance of the music.


For iLoud to sound transparent and correct we needed power. iLoud is the most powerful portable speaker of its size, pumping out a full 40W of real power. This translates into fantastic audio definition and precision because the speakers are controlled by powerful power amps which drives them without any sign of effort. So, simply, this means LOUD. You will be impressed by how loud iLoud can be when fully cranked. Playing your favorite guitar amp models from AmpliTube on your preferred axe will be an impressive experience, simply because iLoud sounds true and accurate, replicating the tones of the amp with incredible realism.




iLoud offers exceptional low frequency performance - you will simply not believe when switching it on the first time. The frequency response goes well down to 50Hz which is extremely impressive for a portable speaker of this size, thanks to a perfectly tuned high performance bass reflex port located at the rear of the unit. Some portable speakers seem to have lots of bass, but normally they lack the evenness of the bass response iLoud has, which produces an even, flat response through the entire bass range, from 50Hz up. iLoud is unlike most portable speakers which concentrate all of their bass energy in a very narrow frequency range.

This means that the bass is heard, but only for a few notes or a few resonances - something that may be satisfactory for occasional listening or for listening to the news, but when it comes down to serious music appreciation, a properly tuned design like iLoud is the optimum way to go. You will be impressed by the difference in bass extension, evenness and smoothness of iLoud’s bass response.


Most portable units use full range speakers. But have you ever seen Hi-Fi speakers or studio monitors with just one speaker? The reply will be No. The reason is that no single speaker can handle the whole audio range, from lows to highs, and with good midrange. iLoud is a full two-way system, with high quality neodymium tweeters, powered by their own amps. This means that iLoud has a naturally extended and focused response, without having to “boost” the response of a full-range speaker where it could never sound as good.




All of iLoud’s audio management and processing is handled by a high-end 24 bit DSP, using IK Multimedia’s proprietary processing algorithm. The most important task the DSP has to accomplish is to perfectly match the woofers with the tweeters. This happens thanks to a high precision digital crossover that makes it almost impossible to hear the transition from the low frequency drivers to the high frequency ones when listening to critical sources like vocals or acoustic instruments. This crossover perfectly matches the phase of the two drivers and time-aligns them, giving iLoud the beautiful presence and neutrality it has on the very critical vocal midrange spectrum.

The fact that iLoud uses a precision phase-accurate and time-aligned digital crossover really sets it apart. To be able to use a digital crossover, iLoud has to use four separate power amps, two for the woofers and two for the tweeters, making it the smallest bi-amplified audio system on the market. Having independent power amps for low and high frequency drivers is a further reason why the performance of iLoud is so impressive. Bi-amplification is typically used on high-powered professional systems, but we wanted the offer the benefits of this technology in iLoud as well.


No good speaker can be made within a poor enclosure. The enclosure of a speaker should be as rigid as possible to minimize interference with the speaker performance. iLoud’s enclosure is totally rigid and resonance-free, allowing the tuned bass reflex design to perform at its best. The front panel of iLoud is designed to attenuate diffraction as much as possible, by having curved profiles around the drivers to provide a perfectly smooth transition between the driver’s membrane and the air.



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