29 May 2024

Flytrap: “IK plug-ins are a huge part of the arsenal we used.”

29 Feb 2024

Global Love Unity Equity turns to IK’s plug-in to glue it all together

29 Nov 2023

Says Justin's audio engineer Mark Parfitt: “There are so many great plug-ins!”

10 Feb 2023

With GRAMMY-winning Mix Engineer Bob Horn (BTS, Usher, Lupe Fiasco)

05 Oct 2022

Learn why the respected engineer loves IK’s complete music-production suite

15 Aug 2022

Producer and DJ Maor Levi is "Completely in love" with T-RackS 5 MAX!

26 Oct 2021

“I'm going to mix in the box using exclusively IK Multimedia plug-ins.”

18 Jun 2021

Hear why he says it’s “My new favorite room simulation plug-in!”

17 Apr 2020

"It really sounds like THAT room, like THAT chamber"

27 Mar 2020

"I was shocked the minute I put the plugin on... That sounds like Studio 2!"

20 Mar 2020

"Now that we've got the plugin... I can be here"

20 Sep 2019

"I totally dig the sound-- IK really did a good job"

27 Mar 2019

The Spanish artist recently talked to us about his favorite music production tools

18 Sep 2018

Watch Produce Like A Pro mix LIVE using T-RackS 5

17 Aug 2018

Grammy® winning engineer talks mixing with T-RackS 5 during recent seminar

26 Jun 2018

Over 100 new incredible T-RackS 5 module presets from the Grammy® winning mix engineer

22 May 2018

Eddie Bazil (AON, DJ Shadow, Pet Shop Boys, Spandau Ballet) loves IK’s flagship mixing and mastering suite.

09 May 2018

25 amazing presets from award-winning engineer and producer

23 Feb 2018

Interview with a Grammy® winning engineer and producer

13 Feb 2018

T-RackS 5 featured in "Into the Lair"

12 Jan 2018

40 incredible presets from a Grammy® winning engineer and producer

15 Dec 2017

Grammy-Nominated engineer Richard Chycki loves his T-RackS 5 Max!

22 Nov 2017

11 specialized mastering presets to give your tracks boom and punch from the world-famous mastering engineer of Public Enemy, Chuck D, Tony Terry and more

10 Nov 2017

Grammy® winning engineer talks vocal mixing tips using T-RackS 5

26 Oct 2017

25 amazing presets from a Grammy® winning mix engineer

26 Oct 2017

25 superbly crafted presets from the world-famous English producer and engineer

19 Oct 2017

Grammy® winning engineer talks presets and drum mixing tips using T-RackS 5

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