Real studios, real experience, unreal value

Imagine recording your next album at the legendary Sunset Sound Recorders, packed with all the classic amps and outboard gear you could dream of, and with GRAMMY-winners Joe Chiccarelli guiding your vocal mix and Gavin Lurssen to master it when you’re done.

That’s the experience Total Studio Max 4 delivers.

What’s included

  • 170 of IK’s most powerful music creation titles
  • 66 plug-ins covering the entire creative process
  • Over 18,000 authentic-sounding instruments
  • Over 500 creative and studio effects
  • Thousands of presets from top artists & engineers

What’s New

  • MODO BASS 2 adds fretless, upright basses and grooves
  • MODO DRUM 1.5’s 13 endlessly customizable drum kits
  • 12 new Syntronik 2 synthesizers
  • AI-powered Tone Modeling with TONEX MAX
  • T-RackS Joe Chiccarelli, Farm Stone Room and more

Have a listen


A real music creation experience

Total Studio 4 covers every element of the sound creation process, from composing to tracking to mixing to mastering, with real instruments, real gear, real studios and real engineers. You’ve never experienced creative freedom like this.


Real instruments for real inspiration

Total Studio 4 MAX packs over 18,000 instrument presets, including the latest versions of MODO DRUM 1.5 and MODO BASS 2, the ultra-accurate Hammond B-3X, plus the full SampleTank 4 sound library, Miroslav Philharmonik 2, SampleTron 2, and 64 new expansion libraries including all 34 synths from Syntronik 2 MAX v2.

It’s over 640 GB of sounds, from orchestral to synthesizers to organs, as well as incredibly realistic physically modeled bass and drums. All created with unparalleled attention to accuracy and detail for non-stop inspiration.

Ultra-authentic real guitar and bass tones

Plug into any tone imaginable with all 18 certified-authentic brand and artist collections from AmpliTube 5: AmpliTube MESA/Boogie 1 & 2, Fender Collection 1 & 2, AmpliTube Brian May, Dimebag Darrell CFH, AmpliTube Leslie and so much more. Plus AmpliTube TONEX MAX delivers over 1,100 cutting-edge AI-powered Premium Tone Models, unlimited user Tone Model downloads from ToneNET, plus the ability to capture your own rig.


Iconic studios, world-renowned engineers, essential gear

You’ll own literally everything you need to create the perfect mix with all 53 T-RackS modules: iconic spaces like Sunset Sound Studio Reverb, FAME Studio Reverb and The Farm Stone Room, hands-on mixing and mastering with Joe Chiccareli Vocal Suite and Lurssen Mastering Console, plus classic studio gear like the TASCAM Tape Collection, and a range of other essential compressors, EQs and more.

You also get ARC 3, the advanced acoustic room correction system, plus MixBox, a 500-series style plug-in packed with 72 lunchbox essentials.

Real experience behind the boards

To get you going, Total Studio 4 MAX includes thousands of presets, including VIP artist and engineer presets. So, whether you’re tracking a Hammond organ or mastering a Pop song, perfect sound is just a click away. Any category presets, including artist, can also serve as starting points and be saved as user presets for recall later.


Keeping it all together

Included with Total Studio 4 MAX is the new IK Product Manager, which automates the installation process and keeps all the IK products organized and up to date. Now you can focus on making music instead of updating software.


As low as €/$199.99

MAXgrade pricing is going away soon so if you own a MAX product, get the low €/$199.99 pricing while you still can.

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