Community Rules

General Rules

The platform is not intended for direct company technical support. For support requests, please visit the IK Multimedia web site.

Please keep all content and presets relevant and refrain from disrespecting or abusing other users. The following guidelines list what is explicitly not allowed on the IK Multimedia platform:

Discussion of moderation, including deleted or locked comments or other content. Moderator decisions are not a matter for public discussion and are final.

Use of the platform for advertising other products.

Obscenity or hate speak, or anything that violates any laws. This includes links to or anything (images/text/audio/video) deemed to be pornography, racist, political, illegal or offensive/inappropriate.

Content intended to harm the reputation or sales of IK Multimedia, or any member or company.

Violation of copyright, trademark, or other legal rights unless you have permission to post materials to which others own these rights. Any embedded media (YouTube, Soundcloud, etc) must follow the rules of the platform on which they are posted as well as the rules.

Sharing private or personal information, not limited to any NDAs but also to the personal rights of fellow members.

Posting of ANY direct correspondence between you (or other parties) and IK Multimedia including (but not limited to) email conversations, technical support correspondence, customer service/contact form information, as such information may be specific to your system and could lead other users to compromise their own systems/installations inadvertently.

ANY posts about software piracy regardless of whose software is discussed. This is a zero-tolerance policy.

Any promotional materials for advertising products other than those of or associated with IK Multimedia.

Posting the same topic to multiple threads or forums (known as cross-posting).

Commercial advertising of products and services, unless explicit permission given by IK Multimedia. However, you ARE allowed to promote your own music in your profile.

Your account account is also your IK Multimedia account, so act responsibly and with that in mind. Regardless of this, your identity must not impersonate another or have any intent to mislead.

Any private sales, direct or indirect. This is not a market place forum.

Posts that specifically intend controversy or to coerce IK Multimedia or members.

Posting or using other means to break or otherwise negatively affect the performance of or any IK property.

Violation of the above rules can result in edited or removed content, warnings, or banning.

If you have questions about any of the above or the associated actions, please contact us privately.


In addition to the above rules which also apply to your profile, please note that your profile is public and a representation of not only yourself but of the platform. You can follow or unfollow others freely, and you are welcome to promote your music using your profile while adhering to the rules above. Do not use your profile to impersonate anybody, famous or private, or to cause harm to anybody or any company.


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