20 Jun 2022

Creative Sauce Tests MODO BASS

"Everything you'll ever want from a virtual bass instrument."

Creative Sauce recently did an in-depth review of IK's MODO BASS 2. Creative Sauce is a popular YouTube channel that specializes in helping home studio artists get professional results.

Host Mike Enjo begins by going through everything you can do with MODO BASS 2 CS, the free version and then presents what more you get with the full version, covering the different basses, control and new Patterns section. He makes the case that MODO BASS 2 is unbeatable and deserves to be in your studio.

In my opinion, this is easily the best free bass VST you can get.

Creative Sauce

"Even though we just have one instrument with this free version we do get an enormous range of sounds and that's made possible by the fact that this is a modeled instrument.

The fact that we can move these pickups around and instantly get a different sound to the bass guitar means this is really much more versatile in some ways than a real bass guitar.

Creative Sauce

"Things that really change the sound of a bass guitar are the strings and the string configuration and even in this free version, we have lots of options available here.

I just think it's amazing with a free instrument like this that we get so much control.

Creative Sauce

"The plug-in itself actually creates the sound. That means we can apply the physics of the instrument and change things like the playing position, and many other things as well.

"We can further modify the sound by going over to the studio tab to make changes to the amplification and use of pedals.

With the full version and all of these different bass guitars, you get an enormous range of sounds, probably everything you'll ever want from a virtual bass instrument.

Creative Sauce

Visit the Creative Sauce channel on YouTube.

Experience MODO BASS 2 today with special upgrade/crossgrade pricing available.

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