17 Oct 2023

MusicTech reviews TONEX

MusicTech explains how TONEX lets you model amps and effects for touring and recording.

In this new review, MusicTech looks at the future of tone modeling as represented by IK's TONEX, which allows you to capture and model your own amps, cabs and stompboxes at home for recording and performing.

MusicTech discusses how TONEX works, how it sounds and how it could make life easier for a variety of players, whatever your style. In the end, TONEX gets high marks for accuracy, versatility and value.

Here are some highlights and a link to the full review below.

The tones are as authentic as expected from a company with IK's superb track record in this department. Rich and sonorous when applied to everything from jazz through blues, rock and metal, the guitar and bass tones sound just like the real thing.


MusicTech rating: 8

MusicTech verdict:

⊕ Astonishingly accurate modelling of your own hardware, at home
⊕ Supplied tone models sound authentic and rich
⊕ Ever-growing online library of downloadable presets
⊕ Hand-holds you through what is quite a complex process

When we tried this with a Telecaster, Fender Twin and a saturation pedal, the results were astonishingly accurate!


The ability to accurately capture the sound of your guitar hardware will be a godsend for many, especially touring musicians. For non-touring players, the benefits are equally clear.

You won't have to rig everything up to practice, or to record, or to jam around at a friend's house. Once you have created your models, they're just a click away.


Check out MusicTech's full TONEX review here.

With the included version of TONEX MAX, TONEX Pedal lets you choose from thousands of the world's most sought-after amps, cabs, and pedals – or your own gear, modeled in minutes – then gig with them right at your feet. You've never experienced this level of authenticity and realism in a pedal before.

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