14 Mar 2024

Building a TONEX Pedalboard

Tone Junkie TV: “Sooze is running a bunch of our popular TONEX Captures!”

In this episode on Tone Junkie TV, HW invites Sooze to talk about his new pedalboard configuration which features the TONEX Pedal. Sooze explains how it all works together and demos some of Tone Junkie TV's most popular Tone Models directly from the board. These guys know tone. Get ready for some awesome sounds!

So I built a TONEX pedalboard. I'm stoked about it. It sounds great and is super functional. I put the TONEX in the center and that's the centerpiece of the direct board.

Tone Junkie TV

I've been impressed with TONEX Pedal because it has the feel and it has the tone I'm used to from the Kemper. So I'm throwing it on the board.

I get to keep all the effects that I've known for years and have amp tone that is great. Feels like you're plugging into an amp!

Tone Junkie TV

Tone Junkie TV captures rare and sought-after amps with 6 collections of Tone Models currently available on ToneNET plus over 200 shared Tone Models you can demo and even download some for free here.

With the included version of TONEX MAX, TONEX Pedal lets you choose from thousands of the world's most sought-after amps, cabs, and pedals – or your own gear, modeled in minutes – then gig with them right at your feet. You've never experienced this level of authenticity and realism in a pedal before.

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