18 Mar 2024

Taylor Danley on MESA Reference

“Excellent tones and I would expect nothing less from these companies.”

Metal guitar specialist, Taylor Danley tries out IK's new MESA/Boogie Reference Signature Collection for TONEX which features 5 special amps from MESA's private tone lab and 70 Tone Models to use across the entire TONEX Ecosystem. In this video, Taylor plays them inside TONEX for Mac/PC. Have a listen.

Excellent tones and I would expect nothing less from these companies: MESA/Boogie creating some of the most iconic tones in the metal genre, and IK Multimedia just crushing it with TONEX.

Taylor Danley

These are some legendary boutique amps. Doug West picked these out as the best that MESA/Boogie has produced and we have 5 very distinct, very sought-after models here.

Taylor Danley

Just the fact that MESA/Boogie and Doug West put time and care into this collection speaks volumes and I love the aesthetics.

Taylor Danley

Taylor created several custom presets for AmpliTube 5 using the new MESA collection. They're on ToneNET now. Follow the links below and click the media tab to hear demos.

Visit Taylor Danley for more guitar savagery and excessive distortion.

MESA/Boogie Reference and TONEX Pedal make a killer duo. With the included version of TONEX MAX you can choose from thousands more of the world's most sought-after amps, cabs, and pedals – or your own gear, modeled in minutes – then gig with them right at your feet!

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