20 Jun 2024

TONEX ONE: All Your Favorite Amps

Worship Tutorials: “This proves it's a killer time to be a guitar player!”

It's an exciting era for guitar and bass players, and TONEX is here to amplify your experience. With TONEX, you can discover your unique sound on ToneNET based on the most coveted amps and effects. Then, take your signature tones to the stage with the versatile TONEX Pedal or the compact TONEX ONE.

But which pedal model is best for you? Do you want to go stereo? Do you need MIDI? Or do you want a simple setup that sounds great? Find out in this video from Worship Tutorials. You'll hear demos of their Tone Models and gain valuable insight into how to use TONEX onstage. Have a look.

This thing sounds unbelievably good. It's crazy, and it fits in your pocket. This is the ultimate backup rig, and pricing is not a barrier.

Worship Tutorials

Two of these would be more than enough for me. I'm a set-it-and-forget-it kind of fella. These would be my amps. I'd run two of them.

Worship Tutorials

At this price point, it's easy to jump in. You can download the software and try it for free. Someone finally did what everyone wanted, and in that, it's revolutionary.

Worship Tutorials

Demo and download Tone Models from Worship Tutorials on ToneNET.

Build your dream rig with one or both. TONEX Pedal and TONEX One each include AmpliTube 5 and TONEX software versions to explore and create exciting tones. Easily organize your favorites with the TONEX librarian and load them to the pedal for gigs or recording sessions. 

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product image




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