1 May 2020

All-in on Analog

Save up to 60% on analog-modeled titles like AmpliTube MAX, T-RackS 5 MAX, Hammond B-3X, Syntronik, and more

Are you craving that analog sound for your music production projects?  Real analog gear can cost a bundle, be difficult to maintain, and can heavy (as in loud and literally hard on your back).  Do your wallet and your back a favor and go All-in on Analog with IK's special promotion.  From May 1st through June 2nd, 2020, save up to 60% on analog-modeled titles like AmpliTube MAX, T-RackS 5 MAX, Hammond B-3X, Syntronik, and more. You can even save big on T-RackS Tape Machine Collection and Syntronik Deluxe for more analog flavor for your tracks.  Click here to see the full list

AmpliTube MAX:

AmpliTube MAX

AmpliTube MAX gives you your very own fully stocked tone studio complete with over 300 pieces of gear. It includes a virtual collection of meticulously rendered models of some of the most coveted gear on the planet. With it you get 80 amplifiers, 92 cabinets, 88 stompbox effects, 24 rack effects, 19 mics and 2 tuners that you can use to build your very own customguitar and bass rigs.

Buy AmpliTube MAX now - starting as low as $/€149.99

T-RackS 5 MAX:

T-RackS 5 MAX

The T-RackS 5 MAX collection for Mac/PC comprises 38 superb mixing and mastering modules that range from compressors and limiters to equalizers, channel strips, reverbs and more. All the gear has been modeled after some of the most sought-after production equipment of all time and chosen for its unique sonic character.

Buy T-RackS 5 MAX now - starting as low as $/€149.99

Hammond B-3X:

Hammond B-3X

Hammond B-3X is the next-level organ virtual instrument that delivers an unprecedented new degree of realism and detail to give musicians full immersion into the electro-mechanical Hammond organ experience with all its soul, passion and vibe. Created in close collaboration with both the Hammond Organ Company, of Chicago, Illinois, and Suzuki Musical Instruments Mfg. of Hamamatsu, Japan, the Hammond B-3X instrument captures the authentic sound and vibe of the legendary Hammond B-3

Buy Hammond B-3X now - starting as low as $/€119.99

Syntronik & Syntronik Deluxe:


Syntronik is a cutting-edge virtual synthesizer that raises the bar in sound quality and flexibility thanks to the most advanced sampling techniques combined with a new hybrid sample and modeling synthesis engine. Syntronik includes 17 amazing instruments, available as a collection or separately, with over 2,000 preset sounds covering a wide selection from 38 of the most iconic to ultra-rare and painstakingly multi-sampled vintage synthesizers.  Syntronik Deluxe takes it to the next level with 22 powerful instruments recreating the sound of 44 legendary synthesizers and string machines, 80GB of content, 2,600 instrument presets, over 120,000 high-quality samples.

Buy Syntronik now - starting as low as $/€79.99

Buy Syntronik Deluxe now - starting as low as $/€49.99


Check out the full list of music software savings:

AmpliTube 4 MAX    $/€499.99  $/€249.99
AmpliTube 4 MAX (boxed)    $/€529.99  $/€264.99
AmpliTube 4 MAX Crossgrade    $/€299.99  $/€149.99
AmpliTube 4 MAX Crossgrade (boxed)    $/€329.99  $/€164.99
Hammond B-3X    $/€299.99  $/€179.99
Hammond B-3X (boxed)    $/€329.99  $/€199.99
Hammond B-3X Crossgrade    $/€199.99  $/€119.99
Hammond B-3X Crossgrade (boxed)    $/€229.99  $/€139.99
Syntronik Deluxe    $/€399.99  $/€199.99
Syntronik Deluxe (boxed)    $/€429.99  $/€214.99
Syntronik Deluxe Crossgrade    $/€269.99  $/€134.99
Syntronik Deluxe Crossgrade (boxed)    $/€299.99  $/€149.99
Syntronik Deluxe Upgrade    $/€99.99  $/€49.99
Syntronik    $/€299.99  $/€119.99
Syntronik (boxed)    $/€329.99  $/€131.99
Syntronik Crossgrade    $/€199.99  $/€79.99
Syntronik Crossgrade (boxed)    $/€229.99  $/€91.99
T-RackS 5 MAX    $/€499.99  $/€249.99
T-RackS 5 MAX Crossgrade    $/€299.99  $/€149.99
T-RackS Tape Machine Collection    $/€199.99  $/€99.99

Not sure what crossgrade/upgrade you qualify for?  Click here to check your eligibility automatically

You can also save on analog sounds on your iPhone or iPad.  Save on Hammond B-3X, AmpliTube and SampleTank apps as well as in-app purchases for AmpliTube, Syntronik, and SampleTank for iPhone and iPad:

Hammond B-3X    $129.99    $79.99
SampleTank    $19.99    $9.99
AmpliTube    $24.99    $12.99

In-app purchases in SampleTank and SampleTank CS for iOS:

SampleTank All Sounds Pack    $64.99    $32.99
SampleTank PRO All Sounds Pack    $64.99    $32.99
SampleTank Essentials (SampleTank CS only - 128 sounds from the paid version)    $24.99     $12.99
Miroslav Philharmonik 2 - All Sounds Pack    $64.99    $32.99
Miroslav Philharmonik Mobile Edition    $24.99    $12.99
Electric Piano Sound Pack    $7.99    $3.99
Elektronika Chillout    $14.99    $7.99
Elektronika Deep House    $14.99    $7.99
Elektronika Drum'n'Bass    $14.99    $7.99
Elektronika Hardcore    $14.99    $7.99
Elektronika Indie Dance    $14.99    $7.99
Elektronika Minimal    $14.99    $7.99
Elektronika Techno    $14.99    $7.99
Elektronika Trance    $14.99    $7.99
Future Synths    $24.99    $12.99
The Grid    $14.99    $7.99
Nanotube    $24.99    $12.99
NRG    $14.99    $7.99
Power Up    $14.99    $7.99
SampleMoog    $24.99    $12.99
Sonik Synth    $24.99    $12.99

In-app purchases in AmpliTube and AmpliTube CS for iPhone or iPad:

All-In Bundle 2019    $149.99    $89.99
All-Amps Bundle 2019    $64.99    $49.99
All-FX Bundle 2019    $64.99    $49.99
All-In Bundle 2019 Upgrade from 2018    $64.99    $49.99
All-In Bundle 2019 Upgrade from 2014    $99.99    $69.99

In-app purchases in Syntronik and Syntronik CS for iPhone or iPad:

Deluxe Collection    $99.99    $49.99
Deluxe Upgrade    $24.99    $12.99

Hurry and get up to 60% off some amazing analog modeled sounds for your music production projects.  This offer is only good  through June 2nd, 2020 so get the analog warmth while you can!

All purchases from the IK online store are subject to VAT in the EU and may vary by country.. In-app purchase and app pricing is shown in USD, your territory pricing will vary based on Apple's App Store pricing model. Although IK strives to provide accurate product and pricing information, unintentional pricing or typographical errors may occur. IK reserves the right to correct, change or update information such as pricing, availability and product descriptions, at any time without notice. Sale through June 2, 2020.


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