23 Feb 2024

Buy one, get one free: MODO BASS, MODO DRUM and all single instruments

23 Feb 2024

Up to 80% off top mixing & mastering plug-ins

23 Feb 2024

Up to 75% off top amp modeling software

22 Feb 2024

To instantly improve any studio monitoring system for better mixes

22 Feb 2024

“If you’re looking for extreme portability, HD X might be your jam.”

21 Feb 2024

The artist explains why he chose IK’s virtual piano instrument for his new album

20 Feb 2024

Plus all participants receive Syntronik Sorcerer based on the same synth

15 Feb 2024

A new TONEX Signature Collection of 5 one-of-kind amps that define modern guitar tone

15 Feb 2024

Save up to 29% on iLoud studio monitors

14 Feb 2024

TONEX Pedal chosen as the "best in class" by readers of Sound On Sound

13 Feb 2024

Lonely Rocker shows how version 1.5 makes it easier than ever to find great tone

12 Feb 2024

Mike Cole: “There was this bonding experience ... the tones were getting unreal!

09 Feb 2024

Kemuel Roig performs "Paseo" on the Pianoverse Gran Concerto 278

07 Feb 2024

Up to 50% off the total music production bundle

07 Feb 2024

22 Processors for less than €/$2.50 each

07 Feb 2024

Save up to 60% on premium guitar tone

06 Feb 2024

Ennio Morricone's "Playing Love" performed on the Pianoverse Gran Concerto 278

05 Feb 2024

Astor Piazzolla's "Oblivion" performed on the Pianoverse Grand Concert YF3

01 Feb 2024

Save $/€100 on IK’s paraphonic dual filter analog synthesizer

30 Jan 2024

Hey Worship Leader: “This board can do anything!”

30 Jan 2024

The Nocturne No. 20 in C♯ minor performed on the Pianoverse Gran Concerto 278

30 Jan 2024

Learn about the new TONEX collections and bundles available now

25 Jan 2024

Kohle Audio Kult presents pro tips for capturing bass Tone Models

25 Jan 2024

“Pianoverse is already on its way to becoming the new favourite.”

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