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A great interface is the one that’s always there for you. iRig HD X is the new flagship of the iRig guitar interface family, bringing breathtaking sound quality and even more advanced features to guitarists everywhere. Compact enough to store in your gig bag, iRig HD X lets you connect anytime with inspiring new ways to play and sound amazing.

Practice with popular learning apps or favorite songs. Browse and discover thousands of new tones on ToneNET. Record ideas wherever inspiration strikes. Stream videos of you jamming to backing tracks. Warm up before gigs with all your favorite tones. No matter where you are on your musical journey, with iRig HD X the possibilities are endless.

Key features

  • Compact, 24-bit/96 kHz audio interface for guitar or bass
  • Connects directly to iPhone or iPad and Mac/PC
  • Audiophile-grade 1/8″ stereo out for headphones and monitors
  • 1/4″ Amp out connects to amps, pedalboards or FRFR speakers
  • Ideal for guitar and bass players of all levels
  • For practice, finding tones, jamming, recording and streaming
iRig HD X
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Stereo Headphone/Monitor out.

USB-C connection for iPhone, iPad and Mac/PC.

Indicates the current function controlled with the knob: Headphone volume, FX/THRU, Direct monitoring, Loopback+ mode.

One-knob control: press to select function, press and hold to activate Tuner.

Instrument input.

Mono Amp out.

iRig HD X
  1. Stereo Headphone/Monitor out.
  2. USB-C connection for iPhone, iPad and Mac/PC.
  3. Indicates the current function controlled with the knob: Headphone volume, FX/THRU, Direct monitoring, Loopback+ mode.
  4. One-knob control: press to select function, press and hold to activate Tuner.
  5. Instrument input.
  6. Mono Amp out.

Headphone volume
When selected, the knob controls the headphone volume with LED metering.

Amp output FX/THRU
When selected, the knob switches between a direct or processed signal to your amp.

Direct monitoring ON/OFF
When selected, the knob switches between a direct or processed signal to the headphone out.

When selected, the knob turns On/Off Loopback+, a virtual effects loop for sending your processed guitar tone to other apps.

What’s new

  • Low-noise input with a dynamic range of 115 dB accepts all guitar pickup types, passive or active
  • USB-C Bus-powered by host device
  • Elegant, easy-to-use single-knob interface with LED ring
  • Ultra-fast onboard tuner
  • Loopback+ virtual FX loop adds professional guitar tone to any app
  • Includes AmpliTube 5 SE and TONEX SE for Mac/PC
  • Unlocks TONEX SE plus full version features and gear of AmpliTube for iPhone/iPad (Free download from App Store)
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Your new mobile dream rig

iRig HD X + TONEX and AmpliTube for iPhone and iPad gives you an incredibly versatile mobile rig with 2 powerful ways to find your sound: TONEX using IK’s AI Machine Modeling technology, and AmpliTube offering the ultimate tone processing and recording studio. Play, practice and record on your mobile device with the most authentic and hyper-realistic gear models ever made.

iRig HD X
iRig HD X
iRig HD X

Ultra-compact, high-quality audio

iRig HD X features a whisper quiet and transparent instrument preamp with wide frequency response and dynamic range that ensures every nuance of your playing is accurately translated while preserving the true tone of your instrument. The Headphone Out and Amp Out are equally high end offering exceptional sound quality in a device this portable.

iRig HD X

One knob to do it all

iRig HD X sports an all-new enclosure featuring a LED ring input level indicator that also doubles as an ultra-fast and precise tuner for the connected instrument. Its ergonomic, multi-function knob lets users quickly adjust headphone level, loopback functions, direct monitoring and the tuner.

iRig HD X

Reach your guitar goals faster

Practicing should be fun. With iRig HD X you’ll be inspired by professional guitar tone while you learn. From anywhere, easily connect to the most popular learning apps while playing through the best amp models. Use the included TONEX and AmpliTube apps to load one of your go-to tones then launch your preferred app to study music, tabs or the original song. It’s that easy!

iRig HD X

Discover the best tones online

iRig HD X comes with AmpliTube 5 SE with 80 models covering all the “must have” gear. You also get TONEX SE for Mac/PC and iOS, which includes 200 Premium Tone Models plus unlimited user Tone Model downloads from ToneNET. You can browse, demo and download new guitar and bass tones within TONEX or build the ultimate guitar rig with AmpliTube 5.

iRig HD X

Have fun playing along

Imagine finding perfect guitar tones from ToneNET for songs you love. Got a few minutes to play? Just plug-in and open up AmpliTube or TONEX and start jamming with incredible tone. No need to plug in a pedalboard or out-board gear. Play along with backing tracks on YouTube or from your music library or streaming service. Staying inspired has never been this easy.

iRig HD X

Jamming and performing with friends

With iRig HD X it’s easy. No more lugging a pedalboard to rehearsal spaces. All you need is right in your gig bag. Just show up and connect the Amp Out jack to an external amplifier or powered monitor. Everyone will be amazed by your tone as you load favorite AmpliTube presets or TONEX Tone Models from your iOS device (or laptop).

iRig HD X

Recording audio tracks

iRig HD X is recognized by all desktop and iOS recording apps. TONEX and AmpliTube for Mac/PC work standalone or as plug-ins inside your favorite DAW so it’s easy to record a DI or a processed guitar part. You can use the Loopback+ feature of iRig HD X (which acts like a virtual FX loop) to route your guitar signal first to TONEX or AmpliTube and then into your recording app.

iRig HD X

Recording and streaming Video

The same feature that lets you record processed audio on your mobile device also lets you record or stream video with your amazing guitar tones sounding crystal clear. Use the Loopback+ feature of iRig HD X to route your guitar signal first to TONEX or AmpliTube and then into the video recording App on your iPhone or your streaming App of choice. You fans will love how great you sound.

With more ways to connect on more devices and with all your favorite apps, iRig HD X is your all-access pass to limitless musical experiences.

iRig HD X

Ideal for all players

Whatever your level and style of music, iRig HD X will keep you connected to the newest and best tools for sounding great, learning new songs, advancing as a player and sharing the music you make with others. Sound better, play more and improve faster throughout a lifetime of guitar with iRig HD X.

Made for iPhone, iPad, iPod

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