Build the synth studio of your dreams,
one machine at a time

Let your creativity flow with the world’s best sounding
virtual hybrid synthesizer

With over 30 amazing synth libraries, Syntronik 2 gives you access to the authentic sounds of some of the greatest machines ever manufactured. Thanks to its hybrid synthesis engine that combines multi-sampled oscillators and exclusive DRIFT™ technology with a new deep editing panel, you can open up a whole universe of sonic possibilities that even transcend what the original machines are capable of.

Now you can finally build your own synthesizer studio that matches your personality and grows with your needs, one machine at a time. All the following individual instruments can be used with any version of Syntronik 2 and with SampleTank 4.1.5 or later.

Individual Instrument packages include Syntronik 2 CS standalone player and plug-in.
Full instrument editing features are available in any version of Syntronik 2

12 new synths

Syntronik 2 - Synth-X

The king of vintage Italian synthesizers, based on the Elka Synthex.

Syntronik 2 - CATO

Distinctive analog sounds of the Octave Cat SRM and its SSM filter.

Syntronik 2 - GS-V

Groundbreaking FM sounds of the rare Yamaha GS1

Syntronik 2 - KW-8000

The late 80s sound of the digital-analog hybrid Korg DW-8000.

Syntronik 2 - M-12

Sounds of the monstrous Oberheim Matrix-12 capturing its many filter modes and modulation matrix

Syntronik 2 - Megawave

The powerful wavetable synth sounds of the Waldorf Microwave, a classic digital / analog hybrid

Syntronik 2 - Obie One

Recreation of the innovative Oberheim OB-1 , classic and fat sounding bass, pad and lead sounds

Syntronik 2 - OSC-V

Classic analog-filtered digital monosynth sounds of the Oxford Synthesiser Company OSCar, a British classic

Syntronik 2 - Pro-VS

The sound of vector synthesis from the Sequential Circuits Prophet VS with its 4 digital oscillators through an analog filter

Syntronik 2 - Sorcerer

The timbres of the legendary Moog source, two fat analog oscillators and the legendary Moog 24dB per octave transistor ladder filter

Syntronik 2 - Syner-V

Based on the Digital Keyboards Synergy DK2, wide range of unique soundscapes

Syntronik 2 - Triptych

Based on the warm sounds of the classic Korg Trident with its separate synth, string and brass sections

22 classic synths

Syntronik 2 - 99

Our take on the Yamaha SY99

Syntronik 2 - Blau

Classic sounds of the PPG Wave 2.3

Syntronik 2 - Bully

The iconic bass sounds of the Moog Taurus I, II and 3

Syntronik 2 - DCO-X

Based on the Roland JX series classic synths

Syntronik 2 - Galaxy

Our take on the Alesis Andromeda

Syntronik 2 - Harpy 260

Iconic sounds of the ARP 2600

Syntronik 2- J-60

Based on the Juno 60, including chorus

Syntronik 2 - J-8

Iconic sounds of the Roland Jupiter series

Syntronik 2 - M-Poly

Based on iconic, SSM-based analog legends, Korg® Mono/Poly and Polysix

Syntronik 2 - Memory-V

Our take on the legendary Memorymoog

Syntronik 2 - Minimod

Our take on the Minimoog, Modular and Voyager synths

Syntronik 2 - Modulum

Analog modular drums and percussion created with interconnected Modular Moog®, EMS® VCS3 and Alesis® Andromeda synths

Syntronik 2 - Noir

Based on the Moog Prodigy, Micromoog and Multimoog

Syntronik 2 - OXa

Based on the Oberheim OB-X and OB-Xa

Syntronik 2 - Polymorph

Based on the Polymoog, Opus 3, Rogue, and Concertmate MG-1

Syntronik 2 - Pro-V

Classic sounds of the Prophet-5 and Prophet-10

Syntronik 2 - SAM

Iconic sounds of the Oberheim SEM synthesizer

Syntronik 2 - SH-V

Based on the famous Roland® SH-5 and SH-2 mono synths

Syntronik 2 - String Box

Based on ARP, Elka, Hohner, and Roland string machines

Syntronik 2 - T-03

Iconic bass sounds of the Roland TB-303

Syntronik 2 - V-80

Classic sounds of the Yamaha CS-80, GX-1 and CS-01

Syntronik 2 - VCF3

Our take on the ultra-rare British tabletop modular, the EMS® VCS3, aka “the Putney”


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