The Tone and Legacy of a Guitar Legend

The pack includes 59 captures of my favorite and most used heads and combos captured with the brilliant TONEX wizardry. TONEX delivers a “real” amp experience for guitarists, live or in the studio. And now you can experience my amplifier treasury for yourself!

Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani Amp Vault gives you instant access to the private collection of one of the most influential electric guitar players. These 59 Tone Models result from Joe’s relentless pursuit of great tone and commitment to capturing his favorite amps precisely. Joe handpicked each of the 27 amplifiers from his personal collection, dialed in his favorite settings and captured them using IK’s Advanced AI Machine Modeling at Sammy Hagar’s Red Rocker Studios.

From sought-after vintage gems to his modded signature amplifiers, these guitar tones have appeared on iconic albums like “Surfing with the Alien” and “The Elephants of Mars,” along with being on stage with his supergroups Chickenfoot and G3. The Joe Satriani Amp Vault Collection covers over 35 years of soaring melodies, layered soundscapes and soulful sounds.

TONEX Satriani Amp Vault GUI

Collection Overview

  • 59 Tone Models based on Joe Satriani’s prized amp collection
  • Spanning the guitar legend’s lifetime of work and musical expression
  • Dialed in by Joe and captured at Sammy Hagar’s Red Rocker Studios
  • Using AI Machine Modeling™ technology with advanced training
  • Use across the entire TONEX ecosystem, including the free TONEX CS
  • Play inside TONEX app, your favorite DAW or TONEX Pedal and TONEX ONE live on-stage

Whether looking for tones from a particular song or inspiration on your musical journey, you’ll find it in the Joe Satriani Amp Vault Signature Collection for TONEX.

Below hear audio demos of all the amps, many performed by Joe Satriani.

Surfing with the Brits

All your favorite British rock tones are represented in a rainbow of tones, reaching far and wide, from early '70s crunch and clean tones to Joe’s modern high-gain sounds. The collection features Tone Models based on multiple Marshall® amps, including 4 versions of Joe’s signature JVM410H amp: stock, C83 Mod, KT88, and 6L6, each with its particular character and feel. Joe’s original 1971 Super Lead and 1969 Plexi are vintage treasures that satisfy any rock enthusiast.

These British amps alone cover a vast territory from clean to high-gain that will keep you inspired for years to come.

Satch Marshall JCM

Marshall® 6100 30th Anniversary

“I used the 6100s primarily as a pedal platform for years of live work, but in the studio, the slightly electronic crunch and lead tones were very useful.”

  30th 6100 Clean
  30th 6100 Crunch
  30th 6100 Lead

Marshall® JCM 2000

“The DSL line has an interesting touch and feels worth exploring. It sits right in between the vintage and modeling eras.”

  JoeCM 2K Cleanish
  JoeCM 2K Ultra Gain
Satch Marshall JTM

1969 Marshall® Super Lead Plexi 100

“My first Plexi head I used in the Squares in the early '80s. It was stolen around '83 but then found and returned in 2012. Beautiful sounding 100 head.”

  Squares Clean
  Squares Dirty
  Squares Clean with Gain up

1971 Marshall® Super Lead 100 Watt

“This '71 100-watt head is all crunch all the time at any setting!”

  '71 Super Joe 100 Crunch
  '71 Super Joe 100 Crunchier
Satch Marshall JVM

Marshall® JVM410HJS (Stock)

“The stock JVM410HJS, my favorite amp in the studio and on stage.”

  JSM Orange Clean
  JSM Red Crunch
  JSM Red OD

Marshall® JVM410HJS (C83 Mod)

“My JVM410HJS with a C83 mod produces a looser, more vintage Plexi sound with a touch less gain.”

  JSM Red Crunch C83
  JSM Red OD C83

Marshall® JVM410HJS (KT88 Mod)

“My JVM410HJS with KT-88 power tubes provides more headroom with slightly less gain on tap and a curious midrange bump.”

  JSM Red Crunch KT88
  JSM Red OD KT88

Marshall® JVM410HJS (6L6 Mod)

“My JVM410HJS with 6L6 power tubes makes this amp a bit more gnarly and aggressive.”

  JSM Red Crunch 6L6
  JSM Red OD 6L6

Time Machine

Joe hops in a time machine and returns to the 1950s and '60s with Tone Models based on 9 classic Fender amps from his private collection, including an original '53 Tweed Deluxe, which he has owned and used on almost every album since the early '90s.

Joe’s layered rhythm guitar tracks often feature a variety of American-style amplifiers. Sparing no expense, he chose 9 of his favorite Fender amplifiers featuring captures based on Fender’s Hand-wired series, including a '64 Custom Princeton Reverb®, '64 Custom Deluxe Reverb®, '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb® and a '57 Deluxe® with an Alnico Cream Celestion speaker.

Also included are captures of late '60s reissue amps: a '68 Custom Pro Reverb™, '68 Custom Princeton® Reverb, '65 Princeton® Reverb and a '68 Custom Vibro Champ® Reverb.

In addition to several bell-like clean captures, many amps were turned up to produce thick, throaty crunch tones perfect for rhythm tracks or as the ideal “edge-of-breakup” platform for your favorite boost and overdrive pedals.

Satch Fender Tweed

Fender® '53 Tweed Deluxe®

“I bought this amp in the early '90s from Real Guitars, San Francisco. I’ve used it on almost every album since. It has a sound like no other.”

  '53 Tweedy Clean 1
  '53 Tweedy Dirty
Satch Fender Blond

Fender® '57 Deluxe Alnico Cream Celestion Speaker (Hand-wired)

“Loud, in-your-face tone that is shimmering and punchy.”

  Bleach Blonde
  Dirty Blonde - Gain on 10.1
  Dirty Blonde
Satch Fender Silver

Fender® '68 Custom Pro Reverb™

“These new Pros are great amps. They are punchy yet manageable. They sit right in between the Fender combo line.”

  Silver Pro Clean
  Silver Pro Dirty

Fender® '68 Custom Princeton® Reverb

“I love the Custom '68 reissues from Fender. These amps record very well in almost any setting.”

  Silver Prince Clean
  Silver Prince Dirty

Fender® '68 Custom Vibro Champ® Reverb

“Finally, a modern Champ that sounds awesome at any volume.”

  Silver Champion Clean
  Silver Champion Dirty

Fender® '68 Custom Deluxe Reverb® (Hand-wired)

“The vintage channel has that classic late '60’s tone. The custom channel with Bassman® tone stack is beefy!”

  Silver Lux Custom 68 Clean 1
  Silver Lux Custom 68 Clean 2
  Silver Lux Custom 68 Dirty 1
  Silver Lux Custom 68 Dirty 2
Satch Fender Black

Fender® '65 Princeton® Reverb

“The Princeton is just as important as the Plexi or the Bassman. You have to have at least one in your arsenal of amps.”

  Prince Reverb Clean
  Prince Reverb Dirty

Fender® '64 Custom Princeton Reverb® (Hand-wired)

“These Hand-wired reissues are sweet. I used every new reissue Fender combo on my “Shapeshifting” album. Producer/engineer Jim Scott made them shine.”

  '64 Hand Wired Prince Clean
  '64 Hand Wired Prince Dirty

Fender® '64 Custom Deluxe Reverb® (Hand-wired)

“These Hand-wired reissues are sweet. I used every new reissue Fender combo on my “Shapeshifting” album. Producer/engineer Jim Scott made them shine.”

  '64 Deluxe Reverb Clean
  '64 Deluxe Reverb Dirty

Beyond the Supernova

Joe could have stopped at the Fender and Marshall captures, but being “The Extremist,” Joe wanted to include Tone Models based on several amps that have been part of his touring and studio work. He included his trusty Peavey 5150®, a staple for almost every album. Joe brings his SLO-30, Friedman Small Box, and newer 5150III models for high-gain fanatics. Joe has been using his Wells amp (only five made) since '91 and includes this rare amp, a blend of VOX, Fender and Marshall-style circuits.

To top off the list of clean tones, there are captures of Joe’s Hiwatt and Roland Jazz Chorus that have been vital to Joe’s album work.

Satch Peavey 5150

Peavey® 5150®

“The original Peavey 5150 line has always figured into almost every album since “Time Machine.” A beast of an amp, hiss and all!”

  JS 515 Crunch
  JS 515 Lead
Satch Soldano SLO-30

Soldano® SLO-30

“This 30-watt Soldano is my favorite Soldano. At 30 watts, all the tone and feel you want is present with a little extra sag.”

  Soul Dano 30 Crunch
  Soul Dano 30 Overdrive
Satch EVH 5150III

EVH® 5150III®

“The new line of EVH amps are so much fun to play. This Stealth is ultra tight and full of insane gain.”

  JS 5153 Blue
  JS 5153 Green
  JS 5153 Red
Satch EVH 5150III (EL34)

EVH® 5150III®S (EL34)

“The EVH 5150III®S EL34 combines the modern tones of the Stealth with that curious EL34 compression and sweetness. Cleaner cleans and a crazier Blue channel.”

  JS 5153s EL34 Blue
  JS 5153s EL34 Green
  JS 5153s EL34 Red
Satch Roland Jazz Chorus 120

Roland® JC-120

“My original JC-120, beautiful snappy clean tones and interesting solid-state distortion sounds.”

  Joe's Clean Jazz
  Joe's Dirty Jazz
Satch Friedman Small Box Combo

Friedman®ß Small Box Combo

“This is a great modern take on a tried and true classic 50-watt.”

  Joe's Freedom Clean - Gain Up
  Joe's Freedom Dirty - Extra Gain
Satch Custom Hiwatt 100

Custom Hiwatt® 100

“Nothing quite like a Hiwatt! It shimmers at any gain/volume setting. Tons of headroom, too.”

  High What Clean
  High What Dirty
Satch Wells Amp

Wells Amp

“Matt Wells only made 5 of these. I’ve used this since '91. It’s a curious blend of VOX, Fender and Marshall at around 35 watts.”

  Well Samp Clean
  Well Samp Overdrive
Satch Vox VBM-1 Mini Combo

Vox® VBM-1 Mini Combo

“This is the craziest little amp!”

  B May Vox
Satch Peavey Mini Colossal Combo

Peavey® Mini Colossal Combo

“Hartley Peavey designed this on a napkin one afternoon at a NAMM show while we talked amps at the Peavey booth. This little amp has attitude and no negative feedback!”

  Colossal Mini Clean
  Colossal Mini Dirty


Joe and engineer Jaimeson Durr spent days at Red Rocker Studios (owned by Sammy Hagar) dialing in each amp to Joe’s exact settings. Sammy spared no expense in equipping his Studio, which features the classic API 1601, a full-featured recording console based on the sought-after vintage API 1604. This console is outfitted with 550a EQ modules for exceptional sound quality and consistency with every amp and mic.

API 1601 with 550a Modules - Mics: Shure 57, Sennheiser 421, Shure KSM313

From rare one-of-a-kind vintage amps to modern rigs, TONEX makes it affordable and easy to own the most sought-after gear in the world.

It gives the customer the chance to have those passionate moments with the gear, which is really important.

Joe Satriani

Explore A Universe of Tone

TONEX is a complete ecosystem of tone based on a powerful new AI Machine Modeling™ technology which lets you experience thousands of ultra-realistic Tone Models of amps and pedals today with the promise of unlimited new tones tomorrow.

Play, practice and record as a standalone plug-in inside your favorite DAW and live with TONEX Pedal . Or model the tone of any amp, cabinet, combo or pedal, all with a sonic accuracy that’s virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.

Instantly play up to 1,100+ Premium Tone Models already available plus browse, demo and download over 24K Tone Models available on ToneNET in TONEX. Easily add more Premium tones to your library with Tone Partner and signature collections.

From rare one-of-a-kind vintage amps to modern rigs, TONEX makes it affordable to own the most sought-after gear in the world.



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Signature Collections can be used with any version of TONEX including the free TONEX CS and TONEX for iPhone/iPad. You’ll have immediate access to your Signature Collections inside TONEX software. After purchasing, locate your collection inside TONEX software then select download. All the Tone Models will be available on your local library to play, practice and record.

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TONEX Pedal lets you store and play AI Machine Modeling Tone Models live on stage. Use the included librarian to transfer any Premium, free, Tone Partner, or Signature Collection Tone Model right to the pedal for your next gig, tour or recording session. Take the most sought-after gear anywhere.



TONEX for Mac/PC offers an intuitive, easy-to-use workflow to keep you in your creative zone. Play, practice and record as a standalone or plug-in inside your favorite DAW or directly inside AmpliTube 5. Always have the best possible tones right at your fingertips.


Joe Satriani Amp Vault in AmpliTube 5

Joe Satriani Amp Vault Tone Models function like other AmpliTube amplifiers, cabs or pedals. They can be used alongside any gear models you own to build custom signal chains and save them as presets for easy recall. Discover our officially certified AmpliTube Joe Satriani collection to complete your arsenal of gear.

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TONEX Capture

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